Coffee and Cars Weekend racing

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Glace Bay, NS
Hey all. Just gauging interest in a weekend morning series. Sort of a relaxed atmosphere, usually involving lower tier cars. The schedule would be short sprint type races. Maybe 3-5 laps each, depending on track size. Keep it fresh and light, so if you have to miss a race a new one would start in 10 minutes or so. Some days would be class, others would be PIR range, and if we are able to get a decent group we could do some races in particular categories, like touring car. But this would have to be an honor system I believe.

When I say relaxed, by no means do I mean demolition derby. The rules would be turned on. By relaxed I mean, for example, if you are coming around the last corner and you think you might be able to gain a position but risk bumping someone off the track, you hold back. This is not a series where winning is everything.

So for right now I'm just gauging interest. Most likely Saturday morning, but I can do Sunday as well. For time, I'm going to say 6 ET, which I believe is 11 GMT. But I can be a bit flexible. My PSN ID is Bic44. And if you're really interested, maybe we can meet up and do some testing with the custom lobbies, as I haven't worked a lot with PC3 online yet