CSR Elite Pedal wiring question

I bought some used CSR Elite pedals yesterday that need some love. Here is a photo of the circuit board as well as a reference of what the 4 cables coming off the pedals look like. The accelerator pedal wire has its female plug ripped off, and it seems like the circuit board is missing its male plugs from the brake and handbrake ports.

My plan is to cut the female plug off the brake cable and solder it to the accelerator cable so that I can just plug it in. and then I would solder the brake cable directly to the circuit board.

My Questions:
- if I solder the brake cable directly to the board, where does each wire go? (black to 1, orange to 2, red to 3?)
- where does the load cell cable go? (A? B? somewhere else? )
- does this all make sense?

pedals look like this:

Thank you all so much!



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I'll have too look at mine, I have my pedals directly mounted. I want to say the brake and load cells go in the top two ports on your diagram. But don't quote me on that.