Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.43 Update)

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Weekly tickets ..... disappointment.


Except one 3* star that gave a civic ALL the others give the lowest possible.
The 5* give a low 100k and hopefully wasn't any silly part in the content to get it .
Total amount of credits 130 k one car and an exhaust .
What worries me is that i have two months to get any invitation and they are cars that i want to duplicate.

All in all .......the mummy not only returns, but has established his presence for good.
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You guys think your roulettes are bad?

Take a look at my birthday gift

Cool car so I would be very pleased, but it is Professional Tuned so can't be used in many of the races in World Circuits, can't even fit it with a turbo so it can't be used in Race of Turbo Sports Cars either... so maybe I wouldn't be so pleased after all.. 🤔 😂
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Can somebody confirm please; I think that we get Invitations only from 3-star and 4-star tickets. Is that correct? Does anybody know which one have more chances to give an Invitation?
Got a 5 star today and another car:

Gran Turismo™ 7_20231013134022.jpg

Got 2 already with 1 Wide Body, so this one was sold for the staggering 85,020 credits. 😂


Forgot I can't Wide Body this car, so 1 is fully tuned and 1 is 100% stock.
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