Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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October 2023 Prize Tally

3-star Tickets: 5
4-star Tickets: 10
5-star Tickets: 2
6-star Tickets: 1

Total Credits: 1,180,000 Cr.


SF23 Super Formula/Toyota ‘23


Ultra-High RPM Turborcharger - GT-R Safety Car
Bore Up S - TT Coupe 3.2 quattro ‘03
Bore Up S - GR Supra RZ ‘19
Engine - Silvia spec-R Aero (S15) ‘02
Engine - V8 Escudo Pikes Peak Special ‘98
Engine - NSX Concept-GT ‘16

Invitations: Ferrari
So last night with all the excitement from the update I forgot to open 1 of my 4* ticket stuff.

Yes now I can buy the other 2 colors.👍
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While not really a daily prize ticket, the new weekly challenge events where you get a 5 star ticket is a ticket nonetheless. Here’s how week 1 went:

Complete 1 event, get a known 100,000cr ticket. Cool

Complete 3 events, get a known 200,000 credit ticket. Nice

Complete all 5 events get an UNKNOWN 5-star ticket. Sounds good!

What did I get? Car parts worth like 100,000cr.

Confused Mark Wahlberg GIF

Come on, ditch the unknown ticket drama and just be up front and give us the ticket! We’re grown ups around here.
This week's tickets was phenomenal low .
First time i got 5 X3* tickets in a single week😵‍💫
One X4*( today) and one 5* .
A surprise was that at one 3* i got 100k and i don't remember when and if i get another one in the past.
Another surprise was that at the 4* i got Bugatti invitation car !!!!!! and i don't want invitation to get second one ,plus was the highest prize i got from a 4* ticket ever.
The rest was from various menus and new license runs .

6* pay 500k each , the 6* parts as always a crappy part ( carbon shaft 💩 ) and 5* one weight reduction stage 5 for 120k and 100k the other one.

With all that ,i just duplicate the new LCD cars in order to keep them stock or without permanent upgrades.

Considering just the week's tickets,i can't complain as i won a Bugatti worth 2 millions ( and it's an invitation car ) plus the 100k from the 3* ticket might worth as 20 of them since usually give just 5k .
What's with the invites???....got my 8th in less than 3 weeks, Porsche again....:boggled:
i got none for about two months and now i have two active in my board.
it's a bit of a mess the invitation " system" .
others are getting the same invitation repeatedly while are desperate for other one , others didn't receive at all and judging from your post you get at least two every week !!!!
5th Nov: DM 3* 5k,
and weekly challenge 5* 500k
6th Nov: DM 5* 100k

extra #22 Sema 5* Alpine VGT
extra #28 Kei Cars 4* 500K
extra#29 Porsche 6*(engine) Porsche 911 Carrera RS(964)'92 (226,500k)
extra #30 GR 6*(engine) Suzuki VGT gr3 (325K)
extra #32 Lexus 5* RS5 Turbo DTM 2019 ...that I had just bought 2 days before for 1 mil...resale value 292K so I'll keep it and put a nice livery on it.

overall I'm pretty happy with the prizes since the spec II update so far

my son
5th Nov: DM 4* RX7 engine
6th Nov: DM 4* 10k
and weekly challenge 5* 100k

we've been noticing since the roulette bonanza days, generally speaking he almost always wins higher * tickets for DM and bigger money prizes than I with lower * tickets whereas I usually win bigger prizes for higher * tickets whenever I get them for same circumstances.

Not sure we can really draw any real conclusions from this, but that's just what we observed here and funny thing is I played GT7 way more than him since the beginning: more frequently and more mileage per day usually and way more monthly and overall of course as well. GT doesn't reward or penalize you for playing more or playing less it seems, nor encourages you more if you haven't logged in for a long time and you come back to the game.

Long term: no relationship observed either between higher payouts and login frequency as far as we're concerned wether you play everyday for a year or if you haven't played for a day, or 3 or 6 months straight.

Didn't really think there was something to it either, but just sharing our experience for those keeping record and analyzing all of the trends more closely. Hope this helps a bit!
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it's a bit of a mess the invitation " system" .
others ... are desperate for other one , others didn't receive at all and judging from your post you get at least two every week !!!!
That's me!
No Ferrari Invitation since Jurassic period... 🤬
I have received all the others, more than once!

Which sick brain did this invitation torture come from?
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I remember when I first got the game I kept getting Citroën invites .. Over ... And over.. And over and then a Aston , Porsche and finaly a ferrari invite, And for almost half a year now I have had zero invites . Then last week 2 Bugatti invites .