Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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Seems from what i read and personal experience, lately, the 3* tickets have way more outcome than 4* ones.
I was gonna say that, but deleted it haha! Yeah the 3* tickets seem to have much better outcomes than the 4*, even 5* tickets. About 90% of the time, i recieve 100k or a decent car from a 3* ticket.
4* and 5* usually give me 10k, a silly invite or a useless part.
Daily Driving Marathon netted a 6 Star Ticket today. Roulette wheel had 2 cars, half a million and some coin stacks. Got the half million.

Don't think I've ever got anything other than a 4 star from a Daily Marathon ticket before. Nice little bonus.
Sunday, tickets time .


You can't expect much from such a cast and here what we have

3X3* tickets reach the suicide level since was 5k each with total amount of 15k

4* one lambo invitation, a 250k engine , 10k !!!! 30k

Could be worst ?
Maybe a bit
4 star --> 30K...the entire roulette thing is such a huge "anti-fun" mechanic. Even if you happen to win a big pot the very brief moment of excitement is quickly followed by the realization that in GT7 500K or a miilion credits is but a drop in a big bucket in relation to the cost of the cars you're trying to acquire.
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Are these new for the Daily Marathon?

Have never gotten a specific Parts Ticket as a Daily Marathon ticket since launch.

I've always just gotten a regular 3, 4, 5 or 6 star Ticket.
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