Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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DW 6* !!!! -> Volkswagen GTI Roadster VGT 😑 "worth" 1M sold at a not so bad 601k

Month is looking twice better with only one ticket.
lol...I saw that the Sardegna grinder was one of the Weekly Challenge events this week so I thought "cool, I'll run my normal morning race at Sardegna, collect my normal 727k pot and get a bonus 100k for doing the one weekly event." I never do more than one weekly race anyway just because I don't find them to have any particular point and I'd rather use the time for another one or two sardegna runs anyway - I just do the one really quick 3 lap race and get my 100k (usually ;)). So, I run my race this morning, get my 727k, get my 4 star daily workout ticket, and then I get a 6 star (parts) ticket for the single weekly event! lol...oh PD you did it to me again! hahaha...I love GT7 but it never ceases to amaze me the effort they've gone to to manufacture opportunities for "un-fun" and disappointment with the reward system.


DW 4 star --> 30k and a set of carbon rods with the 6 star weekly race ticket. Bravo PD, one of your committed fanatics starts the day with a huge sense of "meh" again. :lol:
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The other races are easy and the 6* car ticket can bring something good (even if you resell it)
oh I know that...but easy or not they take about an hour total, and the payout is a part, 200k, and likely about 500k for the car ticket. I don't get anything in terms of special enjoyment out of the events themselves so I might as well just use the time to run Sardegna twice and get 1.5 million. If the prize was a "for sure" 1.5 million for the weekly events I might do them.

The one 3 lap event I'll do (if the prize is 100k) just because it's usually about a 5 minute investment and even though that is less per minute than Sardegna, it's only 5 minutes and I can bump it off after the Sardegna race in the morning before I shut down the PS5 for work lol.
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DW 4 star --> Lambo Invite! One of the 2 I still need...now just Citroen to go. And if there was one invite car I could stand to live without it's the Citroen so I'm pretty pleased. lol...
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DW 4* with all 'cash' rewards showing - guys around this thread know exactly what I got. :irked:

This month continues with the 💩
PD might as well save the 3 ⭐️ animations and just give the 5,000 for logging in. And many think the VGTs are a waste of resources.
Finally !!!


Completed extra menu where I was missing the invite only Porsche. It gives a 6* engine ticket, so it was more to complete the menus than get the reward.

It gave me my 3rd Corvette ZR1 engine...
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Huge ,huge huge mistake.
We NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, let an invitation pass by .
LCD cars are making circle again & again & again , but with invitations you never know how many months ( year possible ) you'll wait to receive the one you ignore.
I almost never had half the credits available to buy an invitation car!
The only roulette ticket that is more worthless than an invite ticket is one that gives you Nitrous...
Nitrous is totally useless in any way shape or form as far as I know in proper Racing, is not legal in WEC, F1, Nascar, SuperGT, and other such organized racing. You cannot use it in any online racing, and almost half of the offline races too.
If you need nitrous to win, pity on you that you can't drive well.
There should be a 'special' street racing competition category which would be inspired from the first few the Fast and the Furious movies [that was about racing not executing and escaping a heist] where we could install blue/green/red lights under the chassis
and also using nitro
Completed extra menu where I was missing the invite only Porsche. It gives a 6* engine ticket, so it was more to complete the menus than get the reward.

It gave me my 3rd Corvette ZR1 engine...
Yeah I have 2 or 3 of the extra menus to complete and none of them are held up by an invitation car (hmmm, or is there one for Citroen? can't recall). I just have no particular care to complete them because the reward is a useless engine ticket.

Anyway, today...
DW 4 star --> 10k
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I fully understand that. I complete them, just for the sake of completion. Most rewards are not rewarding compared to the "cost" to get those rewards.
no that's true for sure. But I'd do them if the reward was just a 6 star ticket rather than an engine. An engine ticket I'll just let em sit and they can complete whenever I get around to buying those cars. But if I'd gotten an invite I needed like you did I'd absolutely 100% finish that menu lol...
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