Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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I re-rolled my 6* car ticket after the update as I got the Genesis VGT the first time. Second time around I got a... Genesis VGT :ouch:

Fortunately, however, some other tickets paid out a bit better. I got 100,000 Cr from a 3* ticket just now, and a Super Formula from a second 6* ticket - albeit the one I already have...
I re-rolled my 6* car ticket after the update as I got the Genesis VGT the first time. Second time around I got a... Genesis VGT :ouch:
All the tickets I've re-rolled ended up giving me the same prize. Beginning to think that it's an urban legend and @Famine is toying with us 😁
Crap, I only got a tuning part of the Toyota '86 car off of a 3-star ticket. It was for the suspension.
My gt7 yesterday was under malfunction, that lead to a 4* ticket that gave 500k 😱 .
Hopefully today everything is ok and got a 3* one that gave the appropriate amount of 5k which means that everything is back to normal 😂 .

Judging from my latest tickets,am that close to believe that we're under attack and a 3* ticket invasion.
DW 4* brought a Ferrari invite 🤯(got a Ferrari invite on friday too, friday, the day before yesterday)

Are you kidding me Kaz?? I have 5 active invites now 🥴 after months of despairing to get any and waiting the Lambo one for eons.
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Would you believe it ? With the DW 4* I got... ANOTHER ******* INVITE !!

Currently have 7 active invites : 2 for Ferrari and 2 for Citroën + Aston, Porsche and Bugatti !!

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DW 4 star --> 10k

I really, truly believe that the daily workout reward should be at the absolute minimum 100k. That still wouldn't do a whole lot to reduce the grind, but it would reduce the feeling of getting slapped across the face every day. lol...
DW 4* -> Not an invite ! (there was none on the wheel so...) but 10k...

And I also received the gift from Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup : a nice Toyota GR010 with the 2024 livery, sold the old one for 1.3M Cr. :D

A deja vu of last week ?
Who knows ?

3rd day in a row that am getting 3* ticket ( 5k ) which means that in 10 days i had 9X3" tickets and one only 4* .

I give my case to an expert yesterday but i wasn't pleased with his answer.
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From completion of weekly chalenges i got 100k
From daily got....30k
At least sold Toyota Hypercar that i won from GR CUP and i am going to buy the Porsche 919 hybrid...
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June is just as bad as May was with a steady diet of DW 3* & 4* tickets paying the minimum credits...:irked::irked:

Finally, a DW 6* :eek: ------------------------------------engine ticket! :banghead::banghead::banghead: - useless engine for a useless car that I won't drive.