Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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Another lackluster batch of tickets to open tonight. Didn't bother including the "value" of the invites since I already have all the invite cars now. Might take me a bit longer to gather up another "17".

DW 5* -> 100k with the lamest wheel of all times for a 5* : only credits with all but only one prize possible between all the prizes shown on the wheel 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩
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Since things settle down a bit , i return to my usual tactic to open once in a week the bloody tickets.

After a period of full 3* tickets things are return to a more common situation.

3* 10k

4*. 2X10k. One Audi 19 and a blue bottle.

5* ( surprised i get two !!! ) a VGT Porsche Spyder that sold below 500k and 100k.

Not bad from previous disastrous weeks with a 3* war .
No roulette tix for me since last Thursday. Back home today and I got a DW 4 star which gave me the Volkswagon VGT car. Already had it and it's not a car I have any interest in having multiples of so it was sold for a relatively satisying 317k
I'm taking inspiration from @smoothbore12 and will open my tickets on Sunday...:)

DW 4* 30k
DW 3* 10k
DW 4* Sport Shocks 6k
DW 3* 5k
DW 4* THE Shaft 9k
DW 6* Engine for LFA '10 850k
DW 6* Engine for RX7 '02 225K

This week was :yuck:

I use this system long time ago to avoid being pissed off every day ,also i keep the pic in my phone to have an idea how things are going.
Except last month that serious trouble occurs to my life ,i do this always.
Got a 5 star ticket this morning, and won an engine. The Citroen invite I still need was on the wheel. Man, I really hate engines.
The game gave me two 500k credit prizes, presumably out of mercy after I used the first one to buy a 300k car which completed an extra menu for a 5-star ticket. I spent most of it modding a late model Dodge Viper lmao

And I sold another Mini Cooper!
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DW 4 star --> Renault RS01 GT3 '16 in the blue/black livery. I already had the Yellow/black so I had a choice to make. Sold the old one for about 200k.
I had a great run last night.

My 4* DW ticket gave me a Ferrari invitation which I used to buy a LaFerrari.
This completed my Ferrari 12 Cylinder menu, awarding me a 6* ticket.
The 6* ticket gave me an Aston Martin Valkyrie.
The Valkyrie completed my Aston Martin menu, awarding me a 6* engine ticket.
That 6* engine ticket gave me a GT-R GT500 engine.

So I now have a 370Z that will do 250+mph :lol:
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DW 3 star --> Genesis 3.3T something something. It's a car I didn't have yet so fine. It's been quite some time since a DW ticket rewarded me with any sort of substantive chunk of straight cash. Theres been a couple of cars won that I flipped for some decent money but other than that its been parts/engines or chump change. Can't remember the last 500k prize.
DW 3 star --> 5K

I had a wheel that had 2 cars, a 100K bar, and a 500K stack of bars along with the little 5K pile of loose change so I knew before the thing started spinning what I was in for lol...I fully expect someday to be presented with a wheel that's just 4 Citroen invites and a 5K pile! :lol:
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