Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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I have a 4 Star silver gave me 30K. Wonder if this could translate into a engine or part after the update or will it just stay currency ?
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For some reason, PD felt generous, gave me a nice ticket for doing the daily target and a decent prize too 🎉 Weird... 😂


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Update 1.26
November 24 - (6-star parts menu) Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for Charger SRT Hellcat '15, (6-star engine menu) R26B-787B, (4-star workout) 30000 credits
November 25 - (4-star) Bugatti invite :boggled:
November 26 - (5-star) Porsche invite :irked:
November 27 - (3-star) 5000 credits
November 28 - (4-star) 10000 credits
November 29 - (4-star) Hellcat engine
November 30 - (3-star) Genesis Coupe 3.8 '13
December 1 - (4-star) 10000 credits
December 2 - (4-star) 30000 credits
December 3 - (4-star) Racing Muffler for Viper GTS '13
December 4 - (3-star) 10000 credits
December 5 - (6-star parts) High Lift Camshaft S for Megane R.S. Trophy '11
December 6 - (4-star) 10000 credits
December 7 - (3-star) 5000 credits
December 8 - (3-star) 5000 credits
December 9 - (3-star) 5000 credits
December 10 - (4-star) Aston Martin invite
December 11 - (5-star) 100000 credits
December 12 - (3-star) 5000 credits
December 13 - (4-star) 10000 credits
December 14 - (3-star) 5000 credits
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Note - Part 1 of the log for the Plus account is over here, part 2 is over here, part 3 is over here, part 4 is over here, and part 6 is over here. New update; new post.

I haven't really been tracking the roulettes on my GTP account, but I have been on my Plus account, where I started on 4/20 to take advantage of the pre-order bonus, the extra 1 million credits for the 1.08/1.09 lockdown and the auto-invites for those disappearing early. Let's see if we can find a pattern:

First, a couple notes - Just because a cash prize is visible during a spin, that doesn't mean that it is actually available. I have seen coins (between 2,000 and 30,000 Cr.) and/or a single bar (100,000 Cr.) visible on a 6-star roulette, but only the 500,000 Cr. and 1,000,000 Cr. options are possible. I have also seen multiple bars on a 1-star (my first, actually), but the highest possible (and what I got) was a single bar for 100,000 Cr. I have clarified between the two in the breakdown, but will continue to note what is visible, not what is possible, in the notes section of the chart.

I have also changed the focus of the breakdown to just since 6/23 and the release of 1.17, which changed the odds of receiving a specified star ticket, and introduced 6-star engine and 6-star parts tickets.

Of the 207 tickets since 6/23 and the release of version 1.17 (no 1-star or 2-star, 51 3-star/0 guaranteed, 109 4-star/2 guaranteed, 18 5-star/1 guaranteed, 7 normal 6-star/1 guaranteed, 15 engine 6-star/9 guaranteed, and 7 parts 6-star/6 guaranteed) on the Plus account as of 12/31/2022 (no jubilee here):
  • 91 have been the low-cash prize (when at least 2 cash prizes were present; not necessarily the lowest-possible)
  • 7 have been the 2nd-smallest cash prize (when at least 3 cash prizes were present)
  • 5 have been the 3rd-smallest cash prize (when at least 4 cash prizes were present)
  • 1 has been the 4th-smallest cash prize on an all-cash wheel (at least one of the 5 visible cash prizes is not possible to win)
  • 5 have been the big-cash prize
  • 28 have been for cars (including one won THREE times overall, and twice since 1.17, and two other cars won twice since 1.17)
  • 18 have been for common parts (including 2 parts won twice and 2 completely worthless parts for which a better version can be bought)
  • 15 have been for special parts (7 off parts-only tickets and 3 parts won twice)
  • 23 have been for engines (15 off engine-only tickets)
  • 13 have been for invites (1 which should have extended an existing invite had it not prematurely expired, and 2 of which extended an existing invites)
  • 1 failed to register the prize (5,000 Cr. from a 3-star Wheel of Despair)
Of the 109 cash prizes since 6/23:
  • None have been for 2,000 Cr.
  • 21 have been for 5,000 Cr.
  • 43 have been for 10,000 Cr.
  • 24 have been for 30,000 Cr.
  • 12 have been for 100,000 Cr.
  • 5 have been for 500,000 Cr.
  • 4 have been for 1,000,000 Cr.
  • 59 have been the lowest possible (not necessarily the lowest visible)
  • 41 have been the 2nd-lowest possible (when there have been at least 3 possible)
  • 4 have been the 3rd-lowest possible (when there have been at least 4 possible)
  • 5 have been the highest possible (not necessarily the highest visible)
11/24/20226-star (parts)Renault Extra MenuUltra-High RPM Turbo for RE Amemiya FD35 RX-7Second time won
11/24/20226-star (engine)GT-R Extra Menu2008 Nissan GT-R GT500 engine
11/24/20225-starWorkout100,000 Cr.3rd-smallest cash prize
11/25/20226-star (engine)Workout2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R engine
11/26/20223-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
11/27/20224-starWorkoutCarbon Ceramic Brakes for Mazda Atenza Gr.3 Road Car
11/28/20225-starWorkoutJaguar VGT Roadster
11/29/20224-starWorkoutUltra-High RPM Turbo for 2002 Mazda RX-7
11/30/20226-star (parts)GTWSTitanium connecting rods/pistons for Wicked Fabrication GT 51
11/30/20226-star (engine)GTWSHonda NSX Concept GT engine
11/30/20224-starWorkoutFully Customizable Suspension for Roadster Shop Rampage
12/1/20225-starWorkoutFord Shelby GT350R engine
12/2/20223-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/3/20224-starWorkoutAlfa Romeo 4C Gr.4
12/4/20224-starWorkoutRacing Crank Shaft for 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4
12/5/20223-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/6/20225-starWorkoutCitroen invite
12/7/20223-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/8/20224-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/9/20223-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/10/20223-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/11/20224-starWorkout(2021) Porsche VGT
12/12/20223-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/13/20223-starWorkout5,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/14/20224-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/15/20226-star (engine)Extra Menu 14Supra RZ engine
12/15/20226-star (engine)Extra Menu 15Enzo engine
12/15/20224-starWorkoutRacing Crank Shaft for 2016 Toyota S-FR Racing Concept
12/16/20224-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/17/20224-starWorkout2008 Nissan GT-R GT500 engine
12/18/20223-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/19/20226-star (parts)WorkoutBore Up S for 2003 Audi TT Coupe 3.2 quattroSecond time won
12/20/20223-starWorkout2011 Renault Megane R.S. trophy
12/21/20224-starWorkout2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro
12/22/20223-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/23/20226-starWorkout(2015) Honda 2&4 powered by RC213V
12/24/20224-starWorkoutRacing muffler for 2014 McLaren 650S
12/25/20224-starWorkout1,000,000 Cr.Big cash prize
12/26/20224-starWorkoutHigh Lift Cam Shaft for 2014 Jaguar F-type RSecond time won
12/26/20226-star (engine)Extra Menu 9Nissan GT-R NISMO engine
12/27/20223-starWorkoutFull custom suspension for 2002 Dodge Viper GTS
12/28/20224-starWorkoutStage 5 Weight Reduction for 2017 Lexus LC500
12/29/20224-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
12/30/20223-starWorkoutLexus RC F Gr.4
12/31/20224-starWorkout10,000 Cr.Small cash prize
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So uhh… how common is this bug where you don’t get any ticket for completing your daily workout?
A 4 star gave me a invitation to buy a bugatti which is lame I hate those cars.

Sadly I forgot to not save it and quit the game to see if the car brand changes:banghead: Maybe it would had changed to ferrari what a idiot I am. :banghead::banghead:
November 2022:

4 star​
10,000 cr.​
3 star​
10,000 cr.​
3 star​
5,000 cr.​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
6 star​
500,000 cr.​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
Ferrari invitation​
4 star​
500,000 cr.​
6 star (E)​
New Engine for a Nissan GT-R Nismo '17​
6 star​
500,000 cr.​
4 star​
Amuse Nismo 380RS Super Leggera​
4 star​
30,000 cr.​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
Height-Adjustable Sports Suspension for a Mercedes-AMG GT R '17​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
3 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
30,000 cr.​
4 star​
Peugeot RCZ Gr.3 Road Car​
3 star​
5,000 cr.​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
3 star​
5,000 cr.​
3 star​
10,000 cr.​
3 star​
Racing Silencer for a BAC Mono '16​
4 star​
10,000 cr.​
4 star​
30,000 cr.​
5 star​
Toyota 86 Gr.B Rally Car​
4 star​
Stroke Up S for a DMC DeLorean S2 '04​