Daily Roulette Ticket/Prize Log (1.48 Update)

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I give you that and raise you 30K its what I got in tonight's ticket stuff. :lol:

But it doesn't matter I'm having a blast grinding this glitchy Tokyo race up to 40M now. :lol:
Haven't been grinding it since at least a week, and even then, once a day was my max.

Having more fun doing my daily marathon at the Sport Mode TT, in for the 1M price at the moment, doubt I will get a gold time, but who knows, there's 6 days left 😅
4 star ticket, 1 invite and a bunch of random parts...

Got some carbon racing brakes for a Hyundai something or other.

Completed Menu Book 39 and got this with my 6* ticket :


Is that common or was I lucky to get the car?

@Milouse I posted a comment about this on the car page on the site, as it is not shown as a car source currently.
6 stars parts ticket fron DM bonus gives me ……. Carbon shaft for the AMG VGT Racing …. :banghead:

GT7 remains the saddest GT ever …

7th day in a row 3star but ohooo Racing silencer for the shelby GT350‘R that i have already pimped before to the max… next useless item🤣
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