Decal uploader help

  • Thread starter KieranB33
Its been a while since i uploaded my last decal to GTS. I'm pretty sure i followed the same process but....
I get the svg converted from png, compress to under the size requirement etc. Upload it through the decal uploader and it looks normal there but in game when i go to apply to a livery it is either a completely black square, or a text decal is all wacky like a misprint or something with random shapes.
Now i used SVGOMG to compress to the maximum which seemed to cause this issue (simpler text decals would be fine if they do need maximum compressing). That explains the problem but i never had this issue before(when i last made decals) - meaning i could max compress an image and it'll come out fine in game. Has GTS changed something? Or have i got to change a setting? Any advice appreciated