Displacement Upgrade... who woulda thought?

Discussion in 'GT2 Settings & Tunings' started by Vapor Trail, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Vapor Trail

    Vapor Trail

    Alright hombres, I'm the village newbie to GTPlanet.net and i've been an avid player of GT2 for 'bout a year. So I can drive without hitting walls. :banghead: Anyway, i have a couple questions.

    1) What cars get the Displacement Upgrade?
    2) Is there any normal car that can take out the GT-One, Escudo, or R390... like a RX-7/Impreza/Supra/Vitz (just kidding) with massive mods?
    3) What days can I get the IB-22 Impreza?

    If you have a diabolical combo that you're willing to share with me, I'd like to hear it. I play this game with a pal and I'd like to scare him outta his wits because all he does is treasure his Escudo (Yuck).

    Vapor Trail
  2. cerbera


    Hi. Welcome to the club. Might I suggest the Speed 12 fully modified. It can beat everything except the Escudo at the super speedway,and that's still a close race.If your friend makes one little slip and you don't you should win. Tell your friend he should get off the Escudo and move on to other cars. Like try let's say, american muscle cars at how about a street race (seattle). Things like that. Game get's a little old if all he''ll run is the Escudo. Good luck VP
  3. bla


    Displacement mods are rather rare - the ones I can think of right now are skylines. Yes the speed 12 is the only one that can get close to that bunch followed closely by the jag xj 220. Not so much power and only 5 gears but good nonetheless. As for the 22b there isn´t (despite all the things you might already heard) a fixed day to get rare used cars. The used car lot changes ramdomly every ten days - you just got to keep cheking. ;) ... even if it takes awhile :banghead:
  4. F20


    Civic Si's and Type R's take displacement. Not much can beet the Escudo, and i don't know what day to get that impreza, but i do have one :).
  5. Vapor Trail

    Vapor Trail

    Alright sweet. Yeah, my bud won't get off the Escudo... that's probably why he doesn't play as much. I moded out my GT-One and R390 so I think it might be a close race, but I might get the *Other* Escudo to put him in a headlock and give him a noogie. I appreciate it buds, does anyone have any killer gear combos, or suspension numbers, or ACL or TCL numbers I should adjust to? Any recommendation is APPRECIATED! :smile:
  6. Pupik

    Pupik Staff Emeritus

    United States
    Displacement Increases in GT2:

    Civic 3 Door '95
    Civic 3 Door Si
    Civic 3 Door Si '93
    Civic Sedan '98
    Civic Sedan '93
    Civic Sedan '96
    Civic Type R '97
    Civic Type R '98
    Datsun 240Z '71
    Mini 1.3
    Mini Cooper 1.3i
    Skyline 25GT Turbo(R34,J) '98
    Skyline GT-R 4Door(R33,J) '97
    Skyline GT-R NISMO(R32,J) '90
    Skyline GT-R Vspec II(R32,J) '94
    Skyline GT-R Vspec(R32,J) '93
    Skyline GT-R Vspec(R33,J) '95
    Skyline GT-R Vspec(R33,J) '97
    Skyline GT-R V-spec(R34,J) '99
    Skyline GT-R(R32,J) '89
    Skyline GT-R(R32,J) '91
    Skyline GT-R(R33,J) '95
    Skyline GT-R(R33,J) '97
    Skyline GT-R(R34,J) '99
    Skyline GTS25 Type S(R32,J) '91
    Skyline GTS25t Type M(R33,J) '96
    Skyline GTS4(R32,J) '91
    Skyline GTS-t Type M(R32,J) '91

    Silly that 28 out of 590 cars get the upgrade, and none of them are muscle cars.