Do AI Make Mistakes?PS4 

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I've been going back and forth between AC and ACC on my PS5 but I haven't done enough racing nor have I done long enough race to know if the AI makes mistakes.

For any of you who have raced extensively on both of these games, can you tell me if the AI makes mistakes? I'm not referring to the normal mistakes at turn one but human like mistakes later in the race.

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Yes, but from my experience they're not hardcoded, as it were - the AI aren't specifically programmed to make mistakes. Rather, the AI uses "hints" created by the author of the track to determine when and how aggressively to brake, accelerate and so on. As a result, you'll sometimes see AIs taking turns way too fast and wrecking because the "hints" they're using aren't really appropriate for whatever car/track combo you're using at the moment. Take a bunch of hypercars to the Nordschleife and it's almost guaranteed there'll be some wrecks at Flugplatz because the AI barely know how to navigate it alone, much less while battling. The vanilla hints for the Nordie just aren't suited to that scenario.
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