Do motorcycles race on the Le Mans de la Sarthe track?

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Personally I'm not aware. Whether it happened earlier, I have no idea but in recent memory (in my case that would be maybe 20-30 years) I can't recall anything like that. As far as I'm aware, all motorcycle races are held on the Bugatti Circuit, that also happens to be a permanent one, unlike the full Circuit de la Sarthe. MotoGP races there, WSBK did race there and of course, there the 24h Moto, one of the round of the FIM Endurance World Championship.

Given the nature of the full circuit and the fact that a big portion of it is closed public roads, I can't see motorcycles racing there.
Another point but are these roads needed for the public that a detour can’t fix?
The roads used on and surrounding the track are closed off for the race.

The actual reason why bikes don’t race on the full track? TLDR- safety.

There are also multiple long straights that lead into slow turns, and I’m not just talking about the chicanes on Hunaudiéres (the really long straight). Mulsanne and Indianapolis aren’t jokes either, and the results if one doesn’t slow down for them enough on a bike, or even just a bit of a wheelie or stoppie from losing balance or being too hard on the brakes would be devastating. Not even Isle of Man is this fast.

Oh yeah, there’s also that fast kink going into Indianapolis. There’s going to be plenty of riders falling there, and it won’t be pretty.
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