Does Sony/PD receive sponsorshipmoney from trackside adverts?

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So, the question goes as in the thread title: does Sony or PD receive money from trackside sponsors?

My friend and me had a conversation while racing on Laguna Seca, that does the brands displayed at the tracks have to pay money to Sony for being in game, or is it included with the licencing fees that Sony pays to have the track in game? Mothers for example.

My stance is that Sony pays the licencing fee for the track and that then allows them to use the likeness and the adds included, in the game.

My friends opinnion is that Sony makes the brands pay for their inclusion in the game, replacing non-paying brands with blanks or made-up brands.

What is the correct answer? Or is it a mix of both?
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I don't know. It's a shame that there is so much oil advertising, although I appreciate that this is a mere reflection of real life.
There's a short answer - no - or a long but complicated one which eventually resolves to "no".
Thanks for the comprehensive and non-complicated answers, I knew you would be the one with the most knowledge.

Now all I have to do is direct my friend to this thread for him to read it.