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Why is everyone so worried about who am i? :lol:

People judge everyone and everything all the time, when you first meet someone you already judge them, if that judgement changes or not is irrelevant. Also DeeDub, don't come with me with that argument about you all being friends, because me, you and everyone else knows that is not true. There are separate groups of friends and people who can't stand each other, lots of gossip and politics around here.

And no, i wasn't in VDC, but i know what happened and nothing will change my mind that the ones who quit, lacked respect, because if you knew you wouldn't have time in the future for be able to show up, you shouldn't even registred. For those who had a real reason to quit, those are free from this judgement.

Edit: Deedub, i know you, please don't get offended by my posts. :lol:

So I was right ha ha . And it's not deedub any more. I don't really agree with what you say about select groups I drift with most of the GTP community and always feel welcome in there rooms and there more than welcome to join me when ever I'm online.
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I was thinking of doing it the way SlapTrain does it. A judge at every corners, and at the end the loser leaves the competition