Driving Mission 34

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  1. Fyrstnissen


    Like many others i find this driving mission almost impossible. Even when i do a "perfect" lap, with some faults ofcourse, but nothing that could give me a +9 sek up to the leading car. Don't get me wrong here, i'm a fair driver, i have about 9500 aspec points..

    There is a big driving mission thread, but i was not able to find anyone who had posted either a replay or his/her checkpoints. If anyone would post something like that (I saw a guy who made a story board when you should have passed #x.car, but it would be a great help if i knew when i was too slow!)

    Thx in advance!
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    You'll want to check this out:
    Mission Accomplished Thread

  3. jake11375


    Times behind the SL should be somewhere close to these. Not the best times and not the worst. If you're 1 second off keep pushing, you can make up time with a good section and still win...

    1'50 Flugplatz
    1'40 Arembergkurve, just after entering into Fuchsrohre
    1'33 Adenauer Forst
    1'20 Breidscheid
    1'06 Bergwerk / Kesselschen
    0'56 Klostertal
    0'40 Hohe Acht
    0'31 Eiskurve
    0'26 Sprunghugel
    0'14 Dottinger Hohe

    Press in the last 200mph section of curves and you should be able to whip by the SL before he crosses the line. Good luck!
  4. L28eT


    I've always wanted to know what a "perfect lap" was
    You know I did mission 34 slightly different...
    Instead of going REALISTIC like getting apex's and good braking points I did something else...
    I went to the game's limits and used walls, bumps, hills, and all other available things there!!
    For example,
    Down the last straight(the LONG ONE) you'll notice at the end you come to a sharp turn...or a series of sharp turns I should say...
    Well I did it slightly different...
    Here's the process I took and sorry I can't get a video, don't have the equipment yet:(

    But here's what I did on the last straight as an example of the game's "limits"

    *Down the last straight I was nearing the series of sharp turns before the finish line*
    *Now, before I entered those turns, I hit my parking brake real hard and slid SIDEWAYS through the whole series of turns(except the last two)....*
    now your probably thinking: I got a penalty!!*
    *Well guess what, I didn't*
    *Because I had hit the parking BEFORE, I had slid my car slideways!!
    When I hit the wall, it was my rear that hit the wall FIRST and as you should know already, your not given a penalty if your REAR hits(only if YOU hit it directly with your front or side)!!*
    *When I hit the wall with my rear, I slowed me almost to complete stop and LINED me up on the rode(after the side of my car hit real lightly to line me up)...
    It got a me HUGE gain and it got me mission 34 beat...

    Now here's another thing I did, I like to call it "Escudo Turning" particulary because in GT2 I would "ride" against the walls with the Escudo and turn at the same time, thus losing no speed(and I didn't have to break) and thus having the best times such as a 51 second lap on Red Rock Valley in GT2(thats how "escudo turning" came about:))...Now I do it with all fast cars when I want to get a fast lap time or catch a faster AI than me...
    I used this tecnique and, for emaple one part where you hit a semi-straight at the top-right part of the map(name for this part???) I "escudo turned" the turn before that part and went from a 1:11:000 gap to a 1:07:000 gap!!

    And with the other turns wheree I couldn't "fly", "escudo turn", or any of that sort, I took the turn like it shoud be (witha good braking point,apex, and good exit speed)
    It all turned out to be a 9:11:270 at the end
    My version I have to beet a SL300 that gets a 9:13:200 :)

    Good Luck on that mission:tup:

  5. ChrisTheChris


    By the second section I'm already 5 seconds slower than this. What to do...
  6. BobK

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    Check this thread for lots of hints and suggestions.

    Note that @jake11375's split times only apply to either the NTSA or PAL version, not both. Again, see the thread for details.
  7. submaniac93


    Back in 2005 when I got the game it took me literally 3 days of tryharding to get this one. Last year when I rebooted the game, I got it first try by taking my time, not going for the fastest speed at every corner, and managed to pass the 300SL by the end of the straight.
    PAL version. It's just a hard on the nerves race. If you tackle it with a calm mind you should do good, if you have a decent level like you said.
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