(DRRGTC) DRR's Grand Touring ChampionshipFinished 

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Looks good, though sadly, the Nurb GP 4H was the final event of the DRRGTC calendar. Originally we were to have Red Bull Ring as our final venue but we decided to scrap the event.
And so, it comes to a close...

I want to say thanks to the guys who have tried to organise the event. Yes, it has been a hash at times, but people have jumped on board to cover for people that couldn't be available for reasons to make it happen. I want to say thanks to everyone for participating, it's been a fun... lots of twists and turns along the way have kept it interesting.

Bad luck to the RLB guys, the Nissan was a handful throughout and internet was never your friend at any point during the season. However, you drove FANTASTICALLY at many points in the season.

Well done to the Pro Am winners; MWM. Kept on the shadow of the battles to capitalise on the bad luck of the other teams (includng us) to keep scoring strong points, and drove solidly til the end.

@Antares26 gets a special mention because he pretty much outclassed me every race, drove fantastically, showed admirable racecraft and intuition, and was instrumental in dire situations. Never would have had much of a shot at anything without him; thanks man!


When your teammate's struggling, next man up. Just doing my part for the team. After being carried all throughout DRRTES, I'm amazed I could even return the favor at all. We're not supposed to finish where we did, but you make your own luck, and we did, both good and bad.

It's that and the level of competition that really forced me to get my act together and stop driving like a madman like people have grown to know me for. It still wasn't the overly consistent drive that I want for myself, but if it did CWM any justice, I'm happy.

WKR was an overwhelming presence whenever they were around, RLB and MWM always kept us grounded and aware that we can lose everything with one mistake, and even SSE was becoming a threat in the later half of the season. It was a rollercoaster ride for everyone.

Congratulations to MWM for their Pro-Am victory, consistent throughout the season. RLB had enough to even challenge for overall despite being in the unpredictable Nissan but no one can really fault them when even their internet decides to just stack the odds against them.