DSJ: Vol 6 - '89 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

Discussion in 'GT4 Drifting' started by Boundary Layer, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Boundary Layer

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    Welcome to the Drift Settings Journal!


    Here we will thoroughly examine the handling characteristics of various cars in Gran Turismo 4 with the primary focus of the discussion set on their potential as a drift machine. The discussion will remain open for as long as people wish to add input, but a new subject car will be selected on a bi-weekly basis based on the results of a nomination thread.

    I don't intend to impose a heavy structure on the conversation. Basically, you're open to post any observations, feedback, or settings for the car that you wish (provided that it is constructive and drift related). Drift it how you want, where you want and let us know your thoughts and about your tuning process and tactics.

    I would like for this discussion to be a way of discovering new tuning methods and styles from others. Hopefully it will also become a place to openly talk about drift related handling problems of the current topic car and learn how others have compensated for such short-comings.

    If you have any suggestions with regard to how this idea may be made more succesful, please PM them to me.

    The subject car for this volume as selected by the forum in the nomination thread is:
    Subject Car: '89 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4
    • May be purchased from the Historic Showroom.

    Let the drift settings discussion begin.
  2. rev


    This drift settings journal is a great idea. I was going to start by participating in Volume 5, but I did not feel like trying to drfit an FF. I'll give this a try...

    Stuff to buy:
    Oil Change
    Rigity Refresh
    Racing Exhaust
    Racing Brakes, Controller
    Port Polish
    Engine Balancing
    Sports Chip
    Fully Customizable Transmission
    Triple Plate Clutch
    Racing Flywheel
    Carbon Driveshaft
    Stage 3 Turbo
    Racing Intercooler
    N2s and N1s
    VCD Controller


    Brakes: 6/4
    Transmission: Auto 7
    VCD: 23

    I started by adding as much power as possible and all the transmission parts except for any LSD. From there, I like to only add adjustable parts as necessary while leaving the fully customizable suspension for last. on N1s, the car corrected itself too quickly and understeered too much. I put N2s on the front and added the VCD controller to solve this problem. Now, the car drifted fine already. The car was unstable while on the brakes, and I had trouble keeping the revs in the power band. I added a brake controller and racing brakes to stabilize the car under braking and the 6 speed transmission.

    The car drifts fine at Apricot Hill, and it looks great with all the body roll.
  3. Boundary Layer

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    thanks for participating rev!

    I quickly gave the car a shot last night. As with all other AWD's I've attempted drifting thus far in GT4 (ahem... yes, let me count: 1, 2, 3 AWD's) tire stagger will most certainly be employed by me also - but no aids.

    I'm going to play around with the LSD and dampers a bunch and try to keep the VCD above 30. HP will probably be around 300 or so.

    I'm not a huge fan of the looks of this car. That's always steered me away from buying one in GT4. But now that is has come up as a topic, maybe actually setting it up and drifting it successfully will change my opinion of it.
  4. HiyakuShiro


    I'm not a huge fan of the looks of this car. That's always steered me away from buying one in GT4. But now that is has come up as a topic, maybe actually setting it up and drifting it successfully will change my opinion of it.[/QUOTE] I have to completly agree with this comment not a looker (no offence for thoughs who love it's "boyish charm" :sick: )First impressions: it's a grip monster front wheels wont let go of the road even to induce drift (heavy settings need *sigh*unless you put on understeer aids which I don't personly like to do) will have settings once I've fiddle around with the "beauty".
  5. Boundary Layer

    Boundary Layer Premium

    ya... it's a bit of an "ugly-sexy" kind of car
    -to quote DTC's remarks about my beloved R31 Skyline

    I'll admit the car does look better drving on the track than it does in the showroom.

    I'm enjoying the Galant more on a very tall and loose setup and just flinging it into a corner. I'm setting it up on the DFP, so zero-countersteer is tough to accomplish. I've more or less abandoned it on shorter corners.
  6. HiyakuShiro


    Ok here we go,

    Oil change
    N2 tires
    Stage 3 turbo
    Racing intercooler
    Racing suspension
    Triple-plate clutch
    Racing flywheel
    Carbon driveshaft
    Fullcustomizeable limited-slip differential


    Spring rate=5.2/8.7
    Ride hight=118/118
    Shock (bound)=7/6
    Shock (rebound)=6/8
    Camber angle=2.6/1.0

    sadly I had to use them on this car.
    ASM system (oversteer)=0
    ASM system (understeer)=5
    TCS controler=0

    Initial torque=5/42
    Limited-slip acceleration=5/43
    Limited-slip deceleration=45/17

    I found this to make the car very evenly balanced, it will go anywhere you point it, not as fast but the drifts are showy if you like that kind of thing. In short it's a "nice car" I won't say more than that hopefuly the next car will be a real treat (not that this one wasn't).
  7. ekmatt9


    gt Sileighty, I just bought the car and tried to your settings. Very awkward for me :odd:
  8. Boundary Layer

    Boundary Layer Premium

    yes. I haven't tried them... but your lsd decel settings look like it would make it hard to enter a turn. ...then again, it might depend on if you're using the DS2 or DFP

    Guess I'll have to actually try them out tomorrow though, before I nitpick them too much.
  9. HiyakuShiro


    The key is to point the car as in turn the front wheels in to make the back slide out they aren't good settings for dfp I didn't want to go to the trouble of it. Not to insult I'll retool it so everyone can use this car with or without dfp.[​IMG]this was done with the settings as is:dunce:
    By the way great banner:tup:
  10. rev


    My Pleasure.

    I took my car out for a run on Grand Valley, and I got a link that I was giving me trouble in my d1gp RX-7. Then I moved to Deep Forest. The car's stock suspension does well on any bumps but I only got that double apex link once. I may have to play with VCD some more and add LSD. I'm too lazy to do that now so I'll have to give gt_Sileighty_1's settings some runs.
    AIDs! :yuck:

    By the way, my settings were done on a DS2 with a bad 'X' button. My cars are normally designed to be drifted at full throttle.
  11. nos2


    Here are my settings.

    Power: 373hp (in practice mode)

    Parts to buy:

    Including Nitrous and Wing


    Tires: N2/N1
    Nitrous: 50
    Spring rate: 5.2/4.0
    Ride height: 109/109
    Shock bound: 8/8
    Shock rebound: 8/8
    Camber angle: 3.0/1.0
    Toe angle: -1/+1
    Stabilizers: 1/7

    LSD Setting:

    Brake ballance: 3/9

    TCS: 0
    ASM: 0

    Downforce: 10/0

    VCD Setting: 10

    Weight: 90
    F/R: 50

    Little description of handling characteristics:
    This car sounds great, it sounds deep and powerful, too bad it's only 373hp. Very easy to drift. Just give it a little Nitrous or pull the hand-brake to initial the drift. Keep on the gas and use nitrous when you feel the car is regaining traction. If the car understeers in mid-corner, turn in more and give it nitrous. I don't know how to tune the LSD so I left them default, but you can probably tune it and improve the handling more. These settings are for DS2.
  12. Ashes2Ashes


    sry but this is a quick compile and i dont have enough time to get into all the details

    Around 350 hp


    tires: n2/n1


    spring rate: 9.0/9.0
    ride height:as low as possible
    shock bound: 8/4
    shock rebound: 8/4
    camber: 2.8/1.6
    toe: 1/0

    LSD: standard

    VCD: 15

    no aids

    makes for a pretty stable drift mobil, if i got anything wrong ill come back and correct when i get more time
  13. boomboy


    Well here is my first attempt at 4WD settings:

    Oil change
    Racing Exhaust
    Racign brakes + brake ballancer
    Racing chip + Port polish and Engine balancing
    All trans mods except LSD
    Stage 3 turbo + racing intercooler
    Racing suspension
    Weight reduction Stage 3
    N2, N1 tyres


    Spring Rate : 4.7 - 5.2
    Ride hieght : 120 - 120
    Damper(bounce) : 7 - 7
    Damper(rebound) : 8 - 7
    Camber : 2.5 - 1.6
    Stabilisers : 1 - 4

    Trans : Auto 7
    Brakes : 3 - 8
    Tyres: N2 - N1
    VCD : 35


    The reason it has a stock LSD is because i have not have enough experince with tuning them so i decided to leave it stock.

    The car seems to drift well and i tested it it on a few different tracks. It seems to like long drifts rather than the tight stuff but in saying that i can drift it around the hair pins in grand valley very easily. The settings still need work but they will do for now.

    Since this is the first set of settings i have posted feed back would be appreciated.
  14. Ske

    Ske Premium

    I just randomised the settings to start with, and came up with this

    372HP (All I could throw at it)
    N2/N1 stagger

    Springs 10/8.7
    Ride 109/115
    Bound 6/3
    Rebound 7/4
    Camber 2/1
    Toe 0/0
    Stabs 4/4

    Init 10/15
    Accel 10/26
    Decel 17/20

    VCD 20

    All in all I think the car handles superbly from the start, the problem is lack of power... it's great fun to throw it around and slide a bit, understeer is almost non existant, but the car lacks the power to make it a proper allround drift car imo...

    I struggled to keep the wheels slipping, which makes longer wider drifts a pain. It handles tight esses and single sweepers just fine though... One corner in particular I found hard to keep sliding through was the double right into the first tunnel at midfield.. If I pushed it, I could drift the following left hander... but the double right was a little too much.
  15. Boundary Layer

    Boundary Layer Premium

    ok, I did come up with some settings for this car during my xmas break. But I still have to unpack my PS2 before I get to them. They aren't particularly good, I didn't find this car near as comfortable as the rest of you seem to have found it - but I'll try to post them up in the next few days.
  16. Appie


    a little hard but i will gonna try it
  17. Boundary Layer

    Boundary Layer Premium

    BL's Galant Settings:

    I hate this car.

    oh, um.
    I could not find anything really comfy for me to drift with this car. Since the next DSJ is out, I'll just post my progress. The following settings are still more of a WIP than anything really driftable. I think the shocks especially still need work.

    Racing Exhaust, Port and Polish, Engine Balancing, Sports Chip, Stage 1 Turbo, Racing Intercooler, Oil Change = ~311hp
    Brake Controller
    Full Customize Transmission, Triple Plate Clutch, Racing Flywheel, Full Customize LSD, Carbon Driveshaft
    Racing Suspension
    N3 Tires Front, N2 Tires Rear
    VCD, Chassis Refresh, Stage 3 Weight Reduction, Increase Stiffness (Rollcage)​

    Brake Controller: 2 - 9

    Spring Rate: 9.2 - 7.6
    Ride Height: 120 - 120
    Shock Bound: 2 - 2
    Shock Rebound: 5 - 7
    Camber Angle: 2.8 - 0.5
    Toe Angle: 0 - 0
    Stabilizers: 3 - 5

    Aids: 0 - 0 - 0

    Initial Torque: 10 - 15
    Limited-slip Accel: 10 - 55
    Limited-slip Decel: 10 - 45

    VCD Front Wheel Distribution: 30

    Ballast Weight: 0
    Front/Rear Balance: 40 [placebo.... maybe, but I don't care]

    Before I was forced to put the game down by the holiday season, I was focussing on getting the car to turn-in without understeer. This is why I have set the front spring rate much higher than stock. It gives quick and nimble response at turn-in, but understeers through the rest of the turn. Maybe this isn't how some people tune, but it works for me - it just makes recovering from the drift easier, particularly with the AWD. To counter the understeer mid-turn/drift, I raised the rear stabilizer setting and fiddled with the LSD accel.

    While trying to drift this car I was having to use a lot of e-brake taps to correct my line. It needs a sizeable feint to get the sideways thing happening - and if you don't initiate drift at corner entry, you'd better resign yourself to understeering through the rest of the turn.

    As I said, this car is incomplete. I probably shouldn't have termed it a WIP because I doubt very much more W and P will be done. The car is butt ugly, and more uncomfortable than a shoe-horn up the anus. It will probably just collect dust in my virtual garage. I'm just not seeing what everyone else likes about it so much - maybe it's that I'm using the DFP.

    Onwards, to DSJ Vol 7 and the Mustang GT.
  18. bin0


    United States
    Yeah, I'll defenitely try it but, you *MAY* have to change around the transmission and autoset it to a higher level. i heard that the higher the trans. the longer drifts you can hold. Good setup though
  19. bin0


    United States
    have you used it and made sure it works? I'll try it defenitely, i like to experiment
  20. bin0


    United States
    I should try to come up with a setting, once i do i will share it
    oh and boundary layer \m/ (rock on) keep making these threads or whatever they're called
  21. dennisw


    A 3 year bump and a tripple post. (O_o)
  22. bin0


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    dude add me on PSN mine is xfoxracingjeffx