El Diablo en el Valle Grande - The Write-up

Discussion in 'GT3 Race Reports' started by Der Alta, Jul 2, 2003.

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    Yes, The Devil in the Grand Valley.

    Last night I thought I'd attempt something a bit different. knowing that the Grand Valley 300km race was with all JGTC cars I wanted to join in the fun.

    To test out a car that I'd never driven before and see how it would handle the long run. The car? The Nomad Diablo.

    Noting in my garage it had a listed HP of 621, while the Competition only produced 480 or so gave me reservations. But I accepted the challenge with child like enthusiasm. Which directly after qualifying, turned to disappointment.

    My qualifying run of a sloppy 1'48.403 was head and shoulders above hte second place Castrol Mugen, who turned in a 1'52.649. Only a measly 4.246 seconds faster. I had my heart set on running this with the knowledge that there is one particular person out there that would jump at the chance to saddle up his Nomad and test out my time. *cough, cough* ;)

    With only two qualifying laps under my belt, using my standard settings, I began the race.

    6/9 8/10


    ASM = 0; TCS =1

    FD: 3.830; Auto Set: 31 (no fancy gear tricks)

    The unfortunate side effect of running my standard settings is they don't always work for every car. I could have loaded up the "Big Blue @ Tokyo" settings, but my patience wore thin. So I ran with these.

    I'll note for the record, these settings are not as good as they could be. The gearing felt good but needs to be ironed out a bit. The tight hairpin shift point wasn't right as I was in 2nd gear too long exiting the corner. The gearing for the Final esses was a bit off as well. Also the Suspension gave me a bit of understeer on long corners. Particularly the Tunnel Corner and the last corner onto the front straight.

    From the Green Flag, I knew it would be a blood letting on the AI's part. I simply walked away from the pack. Considering I had 120+ Hp on them, I wasn't surprised. By the end of lap 15 I had hit lap traffic, and at the beginning of lap 19, I lapped the entire field. So less than 1/3 third of the way through the race, I was only racing the clock. Not particularly exciting and with this much of an offset in cars, it didn't appear that there would be much of a race.

    I adopted a 12 pit strategy. The T2's with my driving skills couldn't last 15 laps, and weren't quite burnt by 10. However 12 was just beyond the traction point. I'll note that a 10 lap schedule would have been better as the extra pitstop would have been offset in the 6+ laps of driving on bad tires.

    Final Standings:
    My fast lap was a 1'46.175
    My total time was 1:49'57.621

    Castrol Mugen: + 3 laps - 1:51'12.737
    Raybrig NSX: + 3 laps - 1:51'16.443
    Arta NSX: + 3 laps - 1:51'18.458
    Denso Sard: + 3 laps - 1:51'37.370
    Pennzoil Nismo: + 4 laps - 1:50'59.198

    After 183.7 miles, I walk away with an Impreza LM Car.

    So now, I'll have to test this car against the Big Three, by running the Grand Turismo All Stars - Pro.

    Or I could take Big Blue back to Laguna Seca in Stock form...

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    THANX DER ALTA for a GREAT Race!!!
    :D Although I know the challenge was directed @ me I still can't believe no one else is taking part. (FANTASTIC to return home from Vacation to find this race waitin'.) Wish I had a dollar for every time I've seen "Where/How do I get the Diablo" in the Forums!!!

    Due to Der Alta's write-up I had a head start on this thing. Having never driven the DIABLO I spent about 50 Miles jacking w/chassis setting & transmission.
    Best (Free Run) Lap w/stock settings:.......1'49.xxx
    Best (Free Run) Lap w/Der Alta's settings:..1'47.414
    Best (Free Run) Lap w/My settings:...........1'45.102

    Changed the Oil & went on to qualifying. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that "The Game" just doesn't seem to let you qualify well??? I ran 4 laps to get a best of 1'47.664 & then on the second lap w/BLUE Tyres ran a 1'46.905 !!!
    I pitted every 12 laps & was surprised to see that all four tyres were still YELLOW. If I try this again I might try to stretch it to 15 Laps. Commentary would be almost exactly like Der Alta's so I won't repeat, pertinent info & MY Set-up below. Would sure like to see someone else join in, the DIABLO is a "Handfull" on T2s, but a lot of fun to drive nonetheless. (& the Exhast Note is among the "Sweetest" in the Game. IMO)

    5/9 5/8


    ASM = 0; TCS =3

    FD: 4.250 ; Auto Set: 24 (YES fancy gear trick)

    Final Standings:
    My fast lap was a 1'44.443 (Lap #18)
    My total time was 1:48'29.813

    Raybrig NSX: + 4 laps
    Denso Sard: + 4 laps
    Arta NSX: + 4 laps
    Pennzoil Nismo: + 5 laps
    Loctite Nismo: + 5 laps

    After 183.7 miles, I walk away with another R390 Road Car.

    Oh yeh: I drive w/MOMO Wheel & MT / THANX AGAIN "AO"...UB57
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    Nice writeups Der Alta & UB57!;)
  4. mindless_dude


    sorry guys but where are teh gamesahrk cheats to get it,i know someone well tell me search but i never get what i want
  5. Der Alta

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    Mindless Dude certainly fits.

    One quick search through the "Hybrid & Gameshark" forum revealed these posts:

    Codes #1

    Codes #2

    Codes #3

    Codes #4

    Codes #5

    Along with a slew of others.

    That wasn't so tough. I downloaded a game save via Sharkport that had the few good hidden cars in it. This is all the help you get from me. If you need more info perform a search in the Hybrids forum, or post a thread in that forum.