Electric presents: "The What Have U Been Smoking Dude?" story.

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  1. Electric.......

    Electric....... (Banned)

    Part Wan-Birth

    One day I gave birth to 25 children but I lived in the other village.
    I had 11 year and I had nonsense all the time.

    One day a music group came to play called "Dynamic Eagles".
    And I listened and watched them and they took me for the Tambourin multiplayer.
    There was a highmachined nonsense machine that wasn't invented yet but we still had one,btw I have a big arse. I chose a extrodinaire woman for my wife and considered myself the woman of my life.Every year I ate chidren and made Pokemons in exchange for a piece of fart gas.My wife Milky AKA BigFooted Beard woman.I celebrated my 12th birthday,and the dad of some British guy named B'Stard came in and ate all of my children,and I ate his.
    That was my first A-Bomb I ate. It was way too salty.

    Soon I was colorful although I was white,and being black-born I started to expand my SmallWilly Party by camping in the middle of the room floor,and then I became a French Maid.

    Part Zwo-Safe 6.

    I went to the mountains and I was there for fourhundredthirtynine hours 61 minutes and 6teen seconds.I think that is a good time for a VW Golf on the 3 seconds of the SudSchleife.Anyway,there I saw many insects,like Dubya,bears,Condoleeza R,pines,fish,and aminals,like Bruce Willis,mosqitos,bees,spiders,Matt Le Blanc,Famine from the GTP boards.....it was nice.

    It was January becasue there was wawes going on.Nelly said it's hot in here,i jumped into the water,but it was soo hot I almost froze to death.
    The next morning on 15:16 PM I went to my local mehanic to fix my wounds.
    After he remowed all of my teeth,I was hey-okay and I could go home.

    Part TRi-3 female dogs,wolf and an orange.

    You know what happened the other day?

    I was going to my friend's house on a skateboard.
    My cellphone generated way too much gama radiation,it increased the speed of my skateboard above the speed of sound.

    And then I saw the new Concorde being tested,and how I was closin in fast on it and then I found myself in the fuel tank.

    So I was swimmin in the tank and then JAWS the Shark came and bit my head off(damn nostrals!),and I was like "Where the **** is my head?!"
    I had a semi-automatic Rambo knife and used it to bite the Shark's leg off.

    Parts 4-6 coming soon.If mods don't ban me,that is.
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    Lost me at the 3rd line buddy.
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    "Drugs are bad mmmkay?"
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    This, kiddies, is why YOU SHOULDN'T DO DRUGS!
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    I don't think I have any other choice but to close this thread for the sole reason that it cannot possibly generate a meaningful discussion (since it is ever so slightly bonkers)
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