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  1. Hey!

    I got a new computer recently and was playing around with ePSXe and GT2, but i don't feel like really playing the game on the computer, just having the ablility of being able to so...

    I wanted to know if any of you have ePSXe and .mcr files with a few licences etc. and if so, post it.
  2. You can use a save game from here

    Though its all the rare cars and not regular cars.
    I have a save game also that I am playing on my own, but its not impressive. I suck at getting licenses, but have a fair share of cars. BTW, anyone know how to get the VW Polo in the US version? I can't use PEC on espxe to get the gameshark cheat to work. I have the greatest hits version btw.
  3. BreakerOhio


    I'm looking for .mcr files too so I don't have to earn money and just have a garage full of cars to play on my pc using epsxe.

    Can anyone share what they got?
  4. gameFAQs.com maybe?
  5. this is mine, i can't get the license codes to work but theres a lot of money. Theres also a Japanese game on here, with a lot better stuff.
  6. Heres mine, with a couple of race cars, and over 250k in money

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