Which track should Round 3 be at?

  • Kyoto Driving Park Yamagiwa+Miyabi

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Fuji International Speedway(Short)

    Votes: 2 40.0%

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This event has been cancelled.

FIA Group C Championship - Round 1 @ Brands Hatch

Who will come out on top in the battle to tame these legendary Group C machines?
Join TPC for an ultra-competitive 5-round championship at some of the best circuits in both the real and virtual worlds, and represent your team to win the Drivers' and Teams' Championships!

Timings: 3:30 pm GMT/ 10:30 am EST

Round 1-4
3:00 GMT: Lobby opens
3:30 GMT: 10-minute qualifying session
3:40 GMT: Race Start
4:30 GMT: Race finish(approx)

Round 5
3:00 GMT: Lobby opens
3:30 GMT: Race Start(in championship order)
4:30 GMT: Race finish(approx)

All Group C cars are allowed, maximum 4 allowed per car.
  • Sauber-Mercedes C9 [0/4]
  • Jaguar XJR-9 [0/4]
  • Mazda 787B [0/4]
  • Porsche 962C [0/4]
  • Nissan R92CP [0/4]
  • 1995 McLaren F1 Gr.3 Safety Car [0/1]
You are allowed to use liveries from other manufacturers('heretical liveries').
In the interest of fairness, a custom BOP will be used, but there will be no tuning.
Base BOP values for all cars are listed below, however there will be a 'success ballast' applied to ensure the competitiveness of the entire grid.
  • Sauber-Mercedes C9(TBD)
  • Jaguar XJR-9(TBD)
  • Mazda 787B(TBD)
  • Porsche 962C(TBD)
  • Nissan R92CP(TBD)
2% of ballast will be added for every 1st place finish.
1% of ballast will be added for every 2nd place finish.
Ballast is only applied on a driver-by-driver basis, not to the team.
  • Use of Stock livery is prohibited.
  • Replicas are encouraged but not neccessary.
  • Liveries must follow GTS TOS.
  • Liveries from other manufacturers('heretical liveries') are allowed in order to represent cars not present in the game. However, please use the most appropriate car for your livery.
  • For example, you can do an R89C livery on an XJR-9, or a Skoal Bandit Livery on a 962.
  • This Numberplate must be placed on both sides and also on the frontal area(directly above the headlights is better, but you can also place it on the hood.
  • This decal must be placed next to the numberplate, where PRO or AM decals are usually placed on modern GTEs.
  • Tyre branding is free choice.
  • @GOTMAXPOWER - Any accounts racing from your IP Address must have the livery approved before racing.
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20210102095800.png
Gran Turismo™SPORT_20210102095808.png
1) Tyre Rules
Racing Hard tyres are to be used throughout.
Tyre branding is free choice.

2)Teams Championship
There can be a maximum of 2 drivers for a team.
If you would like to run as a team, you should use similar, but not identical liveries.
The final Team Points will be decided by taking the average(mean) of the two drivers.
Teams should preferably use identical cars.
Privateers are also allowed to contest the Teams Championship.
Your team name must include the car/manufacturer name. If you are running a Jaguar, any variation of XYZ Sponsor Team Jaguar ABC for example is allowed. If you are running a livery from a different manufacturer, you can include that in the name instead of your actual car, eg - Panasonic Minolta Toyota ABC.

3)Round 3
Round 3 has two options and will be decided by drivers' voting.
Voting closes on the 10th.
Fuel/Wear Multipliers will be shared on the 11th.

4)Safety Car Regulations
One driver will be driving the Safety Car.
The Safety Car will lead the pack for the formation lap and will pull in at the end of the first lap.
All drivers are expected to not overtake during Safety Car periods.
If there is a crash involving 2 or more drivers, please type 'SC' in chat. This bunches up the field and lets you repair your damage without costing too much of time loss.
The Safety Car will then respond with 'DP' or 'Deployed' in chat and will come out of the pits.
If there are any lapped cars in between, they must go to the back of the pack, and the drivers who have crashed will rejoin behind them.
The Safety Car will stay out for 1-2 laps regarding on the track.
There may be further clarifications regarding Safety Car rules later.

5)Glitches/Race Restarts
We advise all races to clear their cache before joining the lobby.
If you experience the Pit Glitch pre-race, exit the lobby and rejoin.
If anyone is stuck on the start, the race will be restarted only once.
In case of a disconnect, a driver will be awarded with 1 consolation point as long as they were running in the points positions during their disconnection(based on discretion).

6)Race Broadcast
While there will be no official race broadcast, racers may have their own streams.
However, there are plans to upload the entire series to YouTube. Your driving may be recorded.
If you would like to help in the recording/editing side, send me a DM on GTP.

7)Clean Driving
All drivers are expected to obey the rules and drive cleanly.
Respect others on track.
1st place-20 points
2nd place-16 points
3rd place-14 points
4th place-12 points
5th place-10 points
6th place-8 points
7th place-6 points
8th place-5 points
9th place-4 points
10th place-3 points
11th place-2 points
12th place-1 point
Pole position-1 point
Qualifying: 10 minutes
Boost: Off
Grid Order: Fastest First
Slipstream Strength: Real
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Heavy
Grip Reduction: Real
Race Finish Delay: 180 Seconds
Tuning: Prohibited
Ghosting: None
Track Limits Penalties: Weak
Side Contact Penalty: Off
Assists: Counter-steering Assistance, ASM, and Auto-Drive prohibited.
Team Name:
Even if you are a privateer, you must fill in a team name.

@Pigems, @05XR8, @250Cal, @6BK, @Adam Barber, @AfraidRacer, @Ashthebash, @bdubclub, @Chevy Heavy, @CurbHog, @Dairyworker, @DarkSideNet, @Deadpool, @DelboyD, @dlshearon, @Drex124, @El_Beardo, @fastone371, @FloridaFanGT, @golfer07840, @GOTMAXPOWER, @Graham Cundy, @Granadier, @Groundfish, @GT5Apex, @GTP_Guido, @GTWolverine, @HammyMansell, @HaydenFan69, @Jason885, @JEverettL, @Jwptexas, @K1LLD0z3R, @Kermit_2142, @kevinddr, @Kevstah2004, @Killkennyxc4, @KosmoKazi, @kungtotte_, @Kuraudo, @Leftcurl, @LeightonAVS, @Master Weasel, @MaxAttack, @Michelin Man, @Mistah_MCA, @mohitraina91, @Natalie_GT, @nosoks, @NosOsH, @NoStopN, @O604, @Oshawa-Joe, @PaoloMX, @Philtaylor17, @PirovacBoy, @Qyn, @R_Goldstreiff, @RacingGrandpa, @Redneckchef, @roamingbard13, @RZQSPEED, @Satomiblood, @Stencedaddy, @sturk0167, @Supergtp, @suprajef, @Sven Jurgens, @Tea_Leaves, @The_Tullster, @Timm Sheehan, @ToddSalad, @Trone_Colby, @TurboTacho, @viper al, @watto79, @Winnie847, @x5abotagex86

There may be a driver division system(Gold/Platinum), after looking at all the entries.
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I’ve given all the cars a proper flog around Brands Hatch, here’s what I think of each one.
Sauber C9- The most raw car of them all. Will kill you. Very easy to lock up the brakes too. Prone to sudden snaps mid-corner.
Porsche 962- Fairly easy to drive, honestly. Has a lot of mechanical grip, but makes it’s size felt. Decent all-rounder.
Mazda 787B- Good front-end downforce, not too difficult to drive but not very easy either. Turns in really well, and also BRAPBRAPBRAPREEEEEEEEREEEEEEREEEEEEEBRAPBRAPREEEEEEEEEEEE.
Nissan R92CP- Low, growling engine with looots of power and top end. However, it is slightly prone to understeer, and feels a bit like a Corvette Gr.3. Easier to get around a track than the others, but may lack cornering speeds.
Jaguar XJR-9- Feels like a mixture of an R92 and a 787B. The quintessential Group C car, with a big V12. Underrated car, and probably has some of the best brakes.

As to anyone who is curious about BOP, it will be based on the standard Gr.1 BOP, with a few minor adjustments.
All of these cars feel so good to drive I wish I could drive all of them at the same time.
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So clearly this event hasn’t had the reception I was expecting. How many would be willing to register if the timings were changed to 9:30 EST Saturday Night?
Leave a like on this post, no need to reply.
Please also let me know if you would like any changes made to the track list.

Sorry Sir, it is the GR.1 that I am not interested in. If you do a race in the future near the same time slot I would be interested.
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United States
Sorry you couldn't get the participation you wanted. Honestly it was a little earlier on Sundays than I'm used to waking up, but that's more due to my awful weekend sleep habits than the schedule. :lol: