EVERYBODY READ. GT4 Suggestions. Seriously Reply to this one.

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by Jon, Aug 26, 2001.

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  1. Jon

    Jon (Banned)

    I have contacted SCEA and they told me to send them a list. So everyone please leave some of the stuff you want in GT4. No Repeats please.

    1.Being able to customize your whole car from Apperance to whats under the hood.

    2.Drag Racing.

    3.Used cars.

    4.More classic cars.

    Anything else just list it please.
  2. Tom M

    Tom M

    Number 1 should be something more like this: The real idea for most of us here would like is to be able to take advantage of the upcoming hard drive. I would really like to be able to have a way to either use an in-game editor to reskin a whole car, or at least parts. Even better would be a way to use the USB cable to transfer data between a PC and the PS2's HD. This would open up the game significantly, as users would be able to trade skins across the net, effectively extending the longevity of the game. (it would also allow users to create better skins with a PC's higher powered software, and also add in the ability to use scanners etc.)
    Seperate the idea of internal customization from the thought of customizing cars appearances, for one specific reason - cheaters. Custom cars should not be available for play in Sim mode, as I don't want to read about a person who used a 2000 Hp mini cooper to win the F1 grand prix. This would be perfect for arcade and especially two player modes and perhaps a seperate "unlimited class" mode for this specific idea. This shouldn't be relegated to the engine and parts, I would love to see the ability to create new wireframe models, adding in cars that otherwise would never see the light of day. (Nascar, tv favorites etc) Obviously strict limits on number of polygons would have to be adhered to.
    Custom skins and cars Car would also need to be able to be sent to a PC for long term storage as with millions of people possessing the ability to create cars, a 40gig HD would fill up faster than originally anticipated.
    These could also work into online play as well.

    (I almost forgot, this would also open up the idea of downloadable cars from Sony itself.)
    This is just free thought that I have scattered here, if you wish I will mold it into something a little more cohesive for submission.
  3. Tom M

    Tom M

    I would also like to see races that have more restrictions. When a race is labeled "german touring car" I want that to be the only type that I can choose from.
    More races based on types of cars ie. Vipers, Supras, 300gt's etc. This way you have to learn each type of car, and it's handling, not just pick an F1 up and stomp them all.
    Horsepower restrictions as in GT2. I'd like to race in a race that limits me to a certain range (ex. greater than 200, but less than 300.) This was great, as it made you tune your cars for certain races, and even better, I used to seek weaker, lighter cars that were highly tuned.
  4. MIck2be


    the cars should have a more realistic effect with different surroundings, for example the rally cars should get muddy and have dents, a more realistic pitting system would be good as well, for example the only thing to be changed shouldn't just be the tires it should also be oil,petrol etc, and maybe even watching the mechanics make the changes. there should be one or two more views, preferably one from inside the car, showing the interior, steerin wheel etc. you should be able to adjust the volume of music, sound effects etc not just turn them on or off.
    all ican think of for now:D
  5. Tom M

    Tom M

    The problem with adding damage models, mechanics, envoronmental effects is that they all take away from the very basis of the game - racing. I'd rather them utilize all of the ram and Processing power for the best possible track and car set. I don't want to compromise the smooth framerate just so I could see something that looks cool once, but doesn't really add anything to the game in the long term.
    I didn't mean to say this in a way that shoots your idea down, as I too would like to see these things, it's just that I don't think that the PS2 has the power to add in all the details that would make this game what it will someday be (PS3?). Check out Lemans 24 hours, or Extreme G racing to see the compromises that are made to the overall package when adding in weather, or night to day switches. The only game I can remember that really did a great job on this type of thing was Metropolis Street racer for the DC.
    What they could do however is give each track different lighting models that are static. Wouldn't it be nice to have the choice to race in tokyo during the early morning, and at night. How about Trial mountain at midnight?
  6. Threat

    Threat (Banned)

    to add to the whole pit ideas, the ability to change Tire Compounds, i have been wanting this for a while...
  7. 93SHO


    Hey, here's one - with the iLink, let users load their garages, have the horsepower they do in single player, and let them customize their cars. All the tracks too.

    More realistic pricing.

    Ability to disable ABS.
  8. CloneHead


    I think that a track editor would be cool..Imagine swapping tracks with people over the 'net......

    Car paint - Just like car wash, exept the car changes to the color you want it to be.. Of course this should not work with the race cars..

    Race cars have the same number in your garage, (like in Ridge racer V) - if you ilink with your friends, and you use identical cars it would be cool if they weren't the same number as your mate's..

    Less Mitsubishi Evolutions, There must be around 30 in this game..

    Old American muscle cars!!!!!!! like GT2

    All tracks to be playable at day/night/rain/reverse/ilink...
    (Imagine complex string on a rainy night :eek: )
  9. Jon

    Jon (Banned)

    An unlimited garage limit. BUMP(Sorry guys)
  10. squadjot



    I'm not sure about moddeling cars from scratch...i think it should only be REAL cars....and NO 2000 bhp morris (leave it to the hybrid-freaks)...

    1. about moddelling: it cool be cool if you, like tyres, could change between different spoilers

    NO FANTASY CARS, PLEASE...please keep it as REALISTIC as possible!!!! THAT'S AN SIMULATOR!!!!!!

    Oh also:

    2. Animated Pit-crew.. (24HourLemans Like)

    3. Better engine sounds ("i rephraze: the engine sounds need BASS" ROOOOAAR)

    4. REAL skidmarks

    5. A peugeot 605 3.0 SRI :) pleeeeaaaaase!!!!

    6. A "Free Run in city" real traffic (just for amusement, I KNOW how much work it will take but I COULD BE DAMN FUN" (showing off your ride)

    7. Upgrade CD's (with extra cars (used/rare/old/new)

    8. Team Option----the option to create teams--could be cool thing when playing "multiplayer" against computer....thats means: also allow computer-opponents in multiplayer...

    9. Season championships....

    10. It should be harder to get the GOOD cars...no trick to get the bonuscar you want..and no "save-in-championship"-option...

    11. More races - shorter laps!.. (20 laps on the testcourse---MY GOD)

    thats some of my ideas....

  11. Zero


    4 1 i'd like to c some damage inflicked when u get the wall (i.e. need 4 speed4).

    And guy who posted above me the formula gt championship is 25 laps at test course
  12. MIck2be


    how about a scenario mode where you are in a certain position with a certain amount of laps to go and you have to try and win the race. Or how about story mode where say for example the beginner league is not just a seperate string of races, but a series of races where you travel around the world (kind of like street fighter) :D i also think more cars are needed, maybe not as much as gt2 but a bit more than gt3, 6 f1 car's is not nearly enuff
  13. MIck2be


    oops forgot this one the ability to save two or more garages on one memory card.
  14. MIck2be


    another thing the A.I is too predictable, the other cars should not always follow the race lane, alright it does happen that sometimes they veer off it but not much, although i must admit i do do my very best to try and change this(nudging them into the pits whenever they get too close lol) they should employ this tactic, nudging is perfectly lega in gt in real life isn't it, so y not in the game:D
  15. Tom M

    Tom M

    1 Sim cars for multiplayer battles (I-link and online).
    2 The ability to race your friends for "pink slips" NO cheating here though, game deletes cars before race, and relocates them to the new owner.
    3 Copy protection on the memory card ala Timesplitters, to cut down on the cheating.
    4 MP3 support, form your own playlist (Also depends on online play and the hard drive.)
    5 Mini games while waiting for online races (depending on online support.)
  16. Tom M

    Tom M

    More data while you are racing. Instead of just what you time is through each section, and how far you are ahead of the second place car (until you begin to lap them) I would like to see how I am doing in comparison with my other laps. In RR5, it showed how the section you just passed through stacked up when compared to your personal best in that same race. This was indicated with either a + or - followed by the difference in time.
    This would be particularly useful in Endurance races. (And something to keep your brain from drifting off.)
    I would also like the game to save my best lap time for every track, seperating Sim from Arcade times. Every once in a while I read a thread asking what everyones best time was on a specific track, and I'd like to know.
  17. TokyoXtreme


    Aside from what's already mentioned, I figure the following are must haves for the next GT.

    1) The 2 player vs. battle mode should allow you to race against 4 computer opponents as well (not just straight one-on-one duels)


    2 a.) On a related note, I'd like to see a better tuning tutorial, something that actually showed you some in-game animation (akin to the "demonstrations" in the license tests) of the difference that spring height / shock rebound / etc. makes. As it is, it's very difficult and time-consuming to learn how to tune. Those (slow!) scrolling directions don't help!

    3) Older cars, including lame vehicles like the '84 Chevy Celebrity and maybe even a Pinto. Yeah, why so many Evolutions? Jeez.

    4) Music / sound effect level adjustment, of course

    5) Better car views. The "full car" view is nearly worthless, and the main view isn't realistic. Why not have the main view be one where you see the steering wheel, dashboard, and gear shift? The gauges would be dependent upon the make of your car. Side mirrors would be great, and the current rear-view mirror looks like hell. The full car view would work much better if it was as responsive as the main view is.

    6) Rain, so you can drive with the windshield wipers on. Also, competitors in front of you would splash you with water if you followed too closely.

    6 a.) Wind conditions would also be great, as some levels (mountain levels especially) could implement a "wind shear" effect that blows your car sideways.

    7) Rally races should have mud, puddles, and splatters. Your car should also get filthy after a race. Fog lamps (and fog) would make a nice touch.

    8) Spectators should not be "cardboard cut-outs".

    These would be nice:

    1) 2-player cooperative racing vs. computer teams

    2) The "emotional" opponents should have more emotion... that is, they could get angry at you and try to run you off the road. Also, they could slam the brakes in front of you to get you to collide into them (this happens in Ridge Racer). I'd also like to see the AI opponents drive a little more recklessly and make more spin-outs and mistakes.

    3) If not graphical body damage, your car should take performance damage when you make a heavy crash. This would discourage people from ramming walls at 100+ MPH.

    4) Improved, realistic "car wash" animation.

    5) Get rid of all those dorky mainstream rock puff songs and use instrumentals. I HATE Lenny Kravitz. I always turn the music off completely.

    6) Bug splatter on your windshield, which can be cleaned by the windshield washer and wipers.

    7) A San Francisco track?
  18. SpoonSports


    well, i didnt read this whole post because it was too long, so forgive me if this has been said, but PLEASE bring back racing modifications, AND tell them to get ferraris rights, i know they can do it, because mercedes is in need for speed and gt3 has it also, so get ferrari, porsche, mclaren, and whatever else...
  19. CloneHead


    I know this is a bit off topic, but the PAL version only has TWO F1 cars (Polyphony 001 and 002) - so stop feeling sorry about 6 F1´s - and be glad that you have the NTSC version...(Wow 6 F1´s mmmm)
  20. the_game


    When your car takes a bump or hits a wall there should be more of a consequence for it. For example, if you rub against the right rear tire of an opponent car when you are on the right side of him, the opponent should spin out. And if you hit the side of a wall, you should rapidly lose speed due to friction, not just a few mph. There should be more muscle cars, and even a few pre-WWII cars thrown in. There should be a few rally races in deep mud and deep snow, which would need several types of rally tires. Like in NFS:V-Rally, GT4 needs gravel, mud, snow, deep snow, ice, and road tires. Finally, please make the AI smarter, would you? It's a goddam joke as it is.:mad:
  21. davegeorge1


    I t should have more tracks based on real race circuits, Nurburgriing anyone? cars should have realistic damage including engine failures for cars constantly redlined and overrevved, tyre blow outs and punctures, yellow flag situations, pace car situations etc etc, what do you think?
  22. Pako

    Pako Staff Emeritus

    United States
    Even without physical car damage, the physics engine should allow cars to flip and roll according to the actual physics of the situation.

    Sparks flying off the car's when grinding againts the rails and other cars. Even if dents arn't permitted, skuff marks on the paint jobs would be nice and it would compliment the paint shop idea.

    All other ideas have been previously stated so I won't repeat them.




    1, The ability to change from KPH to my own measurement of speed MPH.

    2, As Sony aren't keen to have visual damage, why not have a kitty build up, like if you hit a wall at 200MPH you have to spend 1000 credits before you can race with your car at top spec, or if you scrape or tap the car in front say 50 credits, it would definately put people off wall riding.

    3, The i-link realy needs to allow garage races, even both garages are identical, also if i want to race my mate with a mini and i have a viper they should let me(i like catch up races, ya know minute head starts).

    can't think of much else except what other people have said, all in all though it's a spot on game!

    I LOVE IT!!!:cool:
  24. Jon

    Jon (Banned)

  25. Segdawg


    al those mentioned before would be great including... puting in a paint shop where the oil and carwash are.
    bring back the saline from ford
    bring back the sho tarus
    bring back the good bmws
    bring back the dodge neon

    many more:D :p :eek: :cheers:
  26. GT3Maniac


    If you're going to be able to use the hardrive I wouldn't mind being able to put the hard drive into my computer so I can upload songs for an mp3 list like someone was saying. Also I would like the computer to be affected by dust in rally courses. Its not that often that you are completely blinded because you're right next to a car but it still happens and I think that the computer should be affected. Putting in ferraris and the ford mustang shelbys would be pretty cool since they look like lambourghinis. Also I would like it if they put in some little movie clips of your tires actually being changed.
  27. Tom M

    Tom M

    Excellent Idea actually. One of the best effects in Final Fantasy 7,8, and 9 was when they mixed the Polygons with FMV. How great would it look to have a real pit crew come out and service your car, Tires, Fuel, Windshield cleansing and all. With the sheer amount of data that DVD can hold, I'll bet it's a technical possibility.


    Alot of the stuff mentioned here, is kinda Over-doing-it! I'm a racing fan and all, but by adding all this, you'll be making the game TOO complicated!
    Just add little things, that are from real life. Next thing you know, people are gonna be like: "they should make it so you can put your car in a wind tunnel, so you can see how much drag you have on the car, that way you can add or take out stuff."

    Here's my list, and it's simple:
    1.Create Custom Race Teams
    2.add aftermarket Body-Kit makers, and Performance parts
    3.Custom Colors, and maybe race designs.
    4.Better more realistic Car sounds, and individual opponent car sounds
    5.Infinite Garage
    6.Engine Swaps on any car from any Make (I wish they had that on GT2, just think, swapping the 70'sGTR skyline engine for a 13-B Rotary, or an R32 or R33! )
    7. make it MP3 downloadable!

    That's all I would like!
  29. SpoonSports


    Wow, there are some bad ass ideas brewing, definately send these in...
  30. Talentless

    Talentless Staff Emeritus

    realistic in car view and license tests that actually have a direct value instead of what many are: Ooh, the crappy car they gave me finally did what it is supposed to. Too bad I am too pissed off to perfect my luck . . . er . . . technique.
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