EVO Vs WRX Time Attack 16/3Finished 

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Hello all,
This Sunday after the Formula 1's I'll be hosting a Time Trial room, being my first TT what better way to kick things off but with a classic JDM rivalry.

Sunday 16th March
Room Open: 7:45PM AEST / 8:45AM GMT / 4:45AM EDT
Green Flag: 8:00PM AEST / 9:00AM GMT / 5:00AM EDT

Eligible Cars: Any road going Subaru WRX STi or any road going Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. No race cars.
NB: The Mines Lancer Evo is under Mines garage not Mitsubishi therefore cannot be used.
Tuning: PP is set to 500. Nitrous prohibited, everything else is allowed. Only a PP limit will be set so make sure you get creative with weight and power adjusting.
Control Tyre: Sports Medium, no other compound is to be used.
There will be a 10 minute practice before each TT to finalise setups, get a drink or toilet break. The longest I will hold a session start is 15 minutes.

Track 1:

Eiger Nordwand Short Course
1 x 15 minute session

Track 2:
Trial Mountain
1 x 10 minute session

Track 3:
Tsukuba Circuit
2 x 10 minute sessions (with 5 minute interval)

Track 4:
Nurburgring GP/D
2 x 10 minute sessions (with small interval)

* With TT's that have 2 sessions both sessions will be combined and your fastest time will count.

There is only really one big, massive, galactic rule to follow. No idling/pausing on track. This includes being stationary with the handbrake, irrespective of where on track and cruising around at speeds at which would deem dangerous on a real racetrack. Instant DQ and removal from life if caught doing this.
If you need to pause use this method instead.
Enter pit lane, select OK for tyres, pause game. The game will hold you in your pit box until you select "resume".
Also considering this is the only rule that will be policed it shouldn't be too hard to remember.

Traffic is going to be an issue on every track we go to because of this it will be the responsibility of the player to make sure there is enough "free air" to complete one lap. If you are on a out lap or pitting in it is good manners to make sure you don't impede anyone on a hot lap.
If you are on a hot lap and there is a faster driver behind you in no way are you obligated to sacrifice your lap for someone else.

Finding room:
Because my friends list is near capacity adding people could be lengthy as I have to decide who to cull. If I haven't added you in time just go to: Open Lobby; Filter Search: Race type, Time Trial; Look for my PSN: TORC_Waynz and join there.

Hope to see you on track
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