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Recently got GT5 second hand so it doesn’t come with the manual. Have been trying to find an answer to this online, but I just can’t seem to find the answer. Basically, I’m looking to see if there is a way to quit replays or do I have to watch the entirety of it? Tried every single button on the controller, briefly tapping them and holding them down, and not one of them seems to work. I can use select to change POV and L1 to look behind, but that’s it. Spent nearly three hours last night downloading 9 years of updates and installing and I’m wondering if there was something in the final update the stopped people being able to end replays? Any help is appreciated.


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There's a red exit button on the bottom right corner of the HUD during a replay, navigate to it & then press X on it to exit.



EDIT: I think you may be referring to the replays that automatically play after certain races (they have a different HUD), in that case just press the Start button to exit. You can also press the Square button to toggle the HUD, & the Triangle button to zoom in/out during those automatic replays too.
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