Extreme G Racing

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Tom M, Aug 24, 2001.

  1. Tom M

    Tom M

    I just bought XG racing today, and it is pretty cool. It's like Wipeout with Motorcycles (extremely fast and futuristic motorcycles.) Single player mode runs super smooth, and the graphics are great. You win Credits at the end of races, and use them to buy Engine power ups, and different types of weapons.
    Two player is great, except if you are truly a discerning person it runs below 60 fps. Nothing is better than leeching your friend's shields (which also double as the power for your booster), and blitzing to the finish line using his (or her) power.:mischievous:
    Has anyone else around here seen it yet?
  2. Saleen Man

    Saleen Man

    Nope. Sounds cool though!:D
  3. I played the original version which was on the N64 and i loved the game even though it was WAY to easy but most N64 racing games were to easy
  4. Tom M

    Tom M

    The N64 was really geared toward a younger market. Very few games that I have for the N64 took more than a few days to complete. Thankfully this is somewhat harder. I'd place it around Wipeout XL. No problem at first, but later on a few races have been a pain.
    GT3 has me trained to follow certain lines, and this game needs desperately for me to erase those lines.
  5. 4 BANGA

    4 BANGA

    I played the origional one when it was on 64. I was excited to know that it was PS2. That game has gotta be tight, seeing how they improved it, and now it's on a console like PS2. I saw the graphics and they are really tight.