Extremely weird issue with Logitech G29 on PS4

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My G29 steering wheel works fine as long as pedals aren’t connected. The moment I connect them it shows controller disconnected. Once I remove the pedal wire, it again starts calibration. I couldn’t find any references to such an issue before anywhere.

My first feeling is something is shorting the pedals? Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated. My state is in lockdown and honestly not being able to use the wheel is driving me insane.
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
Yes. Shorted or open circuit... The Accelerator, Brake & Clutch neutral wire is connected in series so if it is broken in any place it open circuits the whole thing and the wheel switches off (I had this intermittently due to a loose connection).

It's pretty easy to open the pedals and check visually, or with a multimeter. If any of the terminals are lose you can probably just squeeze it with a tool to make it tight again. If the wire is broken just twist it back together again. They are very thin and easy to break.

If one of the potentiometers is dead you will need to see the (complex) threads for that because it's not a standard pot.