F1 2021 General Discussion Thread

So what happens when you maxed out the department upgrades for each facility ? What do you spend the money on apart from a better driver ? Do you just accumulate cash with no way to spend it ?
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Well I guess the KPH vs. MPH issue solved itself. Played again last night and glanced down at the wheel and it was showing MPH now. I'm still a little puzzled with the steering and the brakes.

I started the steering settings just as I had them in F1 2020. 360 DOR in game and on the wheel. But that didn't feel right and the in game wheel was rotating a lot more than my actual input. Looked at Fanatec's recommended settings and it said to put the SEN on the wheel to AUTO. Plus I did the calibration in game and got my input to more closely match what was showing on screen. That helped some but it still feels like the car doesn't want to turn sharply enough in low speed tight turns. I've turned down the wheel's FFB to very low to see if that will help me to be able to flick the car around better. It seemed higher FFB just made the steering problem worse.

This wheel was originally a Fanatec CSL V2 but when they repaired it they upgraded it to a V2.5. I think there are some additional settings I wasn't aware of because scrolling through the LCD there were these odd abbreviations I've never seen before.

I tried to adjust the brake pressure up some from 050 again where F1 2020 was. On the V2 the BRF went from 0-100. So I was going to try to put it on 100 and adjust down from there. But this "V2.5" goes from 0-99 then MAX. So I put it on MAX. But instead of making the brakes super sensitive it was like I had no brakes at all. Went down the front stretch at Monza. Hit the brakes at about the 100 board, and just kept sailing right on through the chicane. I think it finally came to a stop about 2/3 of the way to the 2nd chicane.