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United States
I finished up all 1000/1000 achievements over the weekend. Thank you everyone that helped.

This was the order that the 5 achievements needed to be completed.

  1. Mankind Refined
  2. Powering Up
  3. Underground Undercover
  4. Rockets Red Glare
  5. Nuclear Family

I do need to point out something important!! Make sure you complete Precipice of War BEFORE Rockets Red Glare. And before Nuclear Family. I had to revert to an older save to do this.

Also. What an epic battle it was going AGAINST the BOS for the final battle in Nuclear Family. Holy crap that was a challenge on Very Hard difficulty at only level 25. I basically went from power armor to power armor the entire battle using any weapon I had. I would kill some of the BOS, take their power armor, then rinse and repeat. It was epic and much harder than going against the Institute on my first play through. I did like the storyline ending better for the Institute. Not sure how it would end if I joined the Railroad 100% and took out both the Institute and the BOH.
What an epic game. Truly loved both play throughs and I am looking forward to the DLC. :)