Fanatec Clubsport V3 Firmware/Adjustment Troubleshooting w/ PS4/DriveHub/T300 RS....

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I need help to figure out how to update the firmware and make adjustments to the brake sensitivity on my new Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals. I have a non-standard setup using a Thrustmaster T300 RS wheel with that and the pedals connected to a Collective Minds DriveHub since I'm using PS4. The directions on the Fanatec .pdf's for the pedals and firmware make it seem like all you have to do is download the x64 bit driver, which I did and open the Fanatec application tool and connect the pedals to the PC. I do this and the PC recognizes the pedals in the USB port, but the Fanatec application says nothing is connected. I am at a total loss on what to do and am heartbroken that I can't adjust the brakes. Assetto Corsa is almost unplayable with the brake set how it is now, as you must apply literally about 5x the normal force to get any reaction out of the brakes (literally stand on them to come to a stop). I've tried connecting the DriveHub adapter to the PC and playing around with different settings on the DriveHub, and still the PC software doesn't recognize the pedals. The Fanatec instructions make it sound like you HAVE to be connected to the PC via a Fanatec wheel base, but it also sounds like you should just be able to connect the pedals only to the PC since that's how you'd do if if you had a PC (I think). Trust me, I'd love to have a Fanatec wheel base, but as you know, the only wheel base that works with PS4 at the moment from Fanatec is almost $2k. I do plan on upgrading to a PC eventually and get a Fanatec wheel, but just can't swing it right now (had to eBay all kinds of stuff just to afford the almost $700 for Fanatec pedals and shifter). PLEASE HELP!