Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 on PC - no FFB

Hello everyone!

So, I finally bought FM7 and although I've been googling for several hours, for the life of me, I can't make it recognize my wheel properly!

So, I am using a CSL Elite PS4 on the PC version of FM7. At normal state (red), the controller is recognized as a 'generic' kind of controller, doesn't work in menus, etc. On the green compatibility mode it is recognized in-game - works in menus etc and works in the game but with too loose FFB - when I say too loose, I mean almost nothing - the only thing that works is the centering spring.

I read about Forza Emuwheel, but I would expect this to work on the pre-patch version of FM7 - let alone I don't want it to mess with my drivers, etc

So, although I can't be the only one with this config, I still haven't managed to find a solution / settings that work properly. Has anyone made this game playable? I really want to give it a shot, spent hours googling and hours messing with all kinds of settings I found across the web, but it feels awful.

Please share your settings and make this thread a one-stop solution for everyone! Please describe mode (red or green), base-settings and in-game menu settings.