Favorite and least favorite daily races

United States
I hate the following: Brands Hatch, Monza and Nurburgring Nordschleife

I like the following:
All other tracks, particularly Northern Isle Speedway, Tokyo Expressway and all rally courses.
United States
United States
I like the following:
All other tracks, particularly Northern Isle Speedway, Tokyo Expressway and all rally courses.

I agree on the first two. I've also gotten to love BB Raceway and Blue Moon. I managed to put the stink on a field of Supras at BB last night with a humble little NSX.

Any One Makes with production cars : A lot of players don't know what ''Smooth to be fast'' means and they're not constant, so my A+ DR rating pretty much comes from those races.
Monza : Even if the first corner is a mess, I kinda like that circuit. My all time favorite Sport Mode race was a Race C at Monza with the One Make Red Bull Standard. I wasn't expecting to like that race at all.
Dragon Trail Seaside : That's probably one of the track I like the most.
Tsukuba : The circuit that I got the most mileage done in the entire GT series.
Brands Hatch : Even if I still struggle a lot with the first corner...I still like to do sport mode races on it.
Tokyo Expressway - East : The more I race on it, the more I like that track. I still wish that they add more gap between the cars at the start, because that's impossible to stay first when you're on pole.
Suzuka : That's one of the track people struggles a lot to, so I get good results there.


Any Karting races : I don't know about the pad or any other steering wheel, but I absolutely hate the physics of it with the G29.
NASCARish tracks : They're always a mess...even if the ghosting system improved it.
Willow Springs : I just can't get that track right.
Alsace : I don't have much miles done on that track...but I feel like I'm not able to remember that track at all. I always have to look at the mini map.
Nordschleife : The track isn't wide enough, that's too hard to pass on that track. You have to wait on a mistake, otherwise the one you're trying to pass crashes into you 95% of the time.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
I Love the Gr3 and Gr4 races. love Brands Hatch and Big Willow although Big Willow Bites me regularly. Also love Lake Maggiore and Blue Moon Infield. Also like Dragon Tail Seaside.


I will lead us to victory!
Dundee, Scotland
For me the best races have been the one make stock vehicle races.

I like the Gr3 and Gr races as well but the only tracks I will partake in these group races on the following tracks

Blue Moon Speedway
Brands Hatch
Dragon Tail
DJ Yuyuko
Mostly fond of Gr.2 races, Maggiore GP and West, Dragon Trail and Interlagos.

Not fond of the oval tracks, Monza, Tokyo Expressway East, Willow Springs and the Nordschleife. I'm not fond of Suzuka either but I feel like a ton of practice on that track will change that.