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FERRARI 250 GT Berlinetta passo corto CN.2521 '61

United States
Portland, Oregon
von Fcukd
If you do NOT have 7.5 Million to spare (who really does?) do not buy this car. I am a HUGE fan of Ferrari and I bought it thinking it would be something special. Well it is. It is a special pain in my butt to drive. It's power band is in the high rpm range in every gear and once you do start to accelerate, all it wants to do is go sideways. Sideways. Yes.
That is with all driving assists OFF (the only way to REALLY drive in this game) and if you put TC on 1 and ASM on it is a dog.
So, do yourself a favor and by 10 GT-R's and paint 'em different colors or something. (Also...the 2014 NSX Concept is kind of a waste of 1 Million as well. Good grief, I tell ya!