Ferrari 812 (F12 Berlinetta successor)

Discussion in 'Auto News' started by Castrol96, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Castrol96

    United Kingdom Southampton, UK

    Test mule screenshots on the new caught successor of the F12 Berlinetta.






    If there's a thread already on this, let me know rather than bragging about it. ;)
  2. MrWaflz55

    Canada Canada

    I liked it better with only two tail lights. Ferrari should stick with it.
  3. Bram Turismo

    Belgium Belgium

    I don't even know if they can possibly make a prettier GT car than the F12. It's going to be hard to trump it at all in fact...
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  4. Heldenzeit

    United States SoCal

    Headlights look a lot lower.
  5. JC_Dude


    812 Superfast.

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  6. silverman_GT

    Indonesia Jakarta

  7. Neddo

    Online Now!

    I would remove those ugly hood vents near the lights but probably as pretty as 550 anyways
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  8. ProjectWHaT

    Online Now!
    Antarctica TRAPPIST-1g

    So is that a one off or a face lift or a brand new car?
  9. TheCracker

    South Korea North Korea

    I take it that it's the replacement for the the F12 as Ferrari are due to show it at Geneva. Doubt they'd do that for a one off.

    I imagine that it's based to an extent on the previous F12's platform, as they tend to do.
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  10. GTboyz


    what's with the name ? "superfast".

    i mean, really ?
  11. TheCracker

    South Korea North Korea

    Its a nod to the 500 Superfast from the sixties.
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  12. AudiMan2011

    Japan Idol Hell

    A 789hp 6.5 litre V12 coupled with 4WS means this thing is going to be violently fast. A shame this is going to be the last pure non-hybrid V12 Ferrari.
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  13. RocZX

    United States NEW YORK

    Lamborghini has the Superveloce and veloce means fast in Italian, thus Superfast.
    I find it odd that when its a language someone doesn't know it sounds cool but when they understand the language it sounds stupid.
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  14. Robin

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    I get the heritage nod but yeah the name is a bit cheezy IMO. It worked in the 60's because all sorts of things were named like that. Very pretty car though.
  15. Neddo

    Online Now!

    I like the number 812. Reminds me of Cord 812
  16. sems4arsenal

    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    People complain about the F12 has too much power

    Ferrari adds even more power.
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  17. Sting

    England The Grid

    What kind of mad idiot complains that a Ferrari has too much power?

    Some people...
  18. AudiMan2011

    Japan Idol Hell

    Clarkson did.
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  19. Castrol96

    United Kingdom Southampton, UK

    And here you have it!..


    The design seems to inherit from the Lusso, although this is the may be a template for the next generation of Ferrari? I certainly like the 90s style duo back lights.

    Image might not work, I'm trying to upload it with my phone.
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  20. Eunos_Cosmo

    Iran San Francisco, Ca

    Kinda has a Toyota aesthetic to it. Unreal performance.
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  21. MrWaflz55

    Canada Canada

    If it didn't have the Ferrari badges, it would look like the most demonic Ginetta ever made. Looks stunning just in these renders. Certainly fixes all the problems I had with the F12's rear. Also, whoo! Dual taillights!
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  22. 05XR8


    I like the look of Ferrari's exposed taillights. Not sure about these.
  23. Castrol96

    United Kingdom Southampton, UK

    Well, I think the design is ahead of it's time.

    Just like the LaFerrari when it debuted.
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  24. bremics


    Looks pretty crazy, but for some reason the rear is throwing me off. It's not ugly or anything but something about it... kinda confuses me? Like it looks good, but is wrong. Like it doesn't fit entirely with the rest of the car.

    Like the front and side is softer while the back is harder.
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  25. Naveek Darkroom

    Canada Coquitlam, BC

    Given how quick the outgoing F12berlinetta is (I've heard of 0-60 in 2.9, Ferrari claimed 3.1) and that this is more powerful than even the F12tdf, I just wonder how quick this car is going to be. I doubt any other FR car will be able to touch it.

    You can't get more apt than "Superfast".
  26. VXR

    United Kingdom Plymouth, UK

    Like a generic Hot Wheels or GTA design.

    Why can't they be classically stylish?
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  27. GT HP Nut

    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    *looks at the rear of the car*

    Looks pretty fine.

    *search for images of the front*

    Alright I take my words back. :sick:

    Honestly though, to me the front looks horrible. The air inlets above the headlights and the black grille surroundings aren't helping either.

    And somehow the front reminds me of the 5th gen Viper.
  28. Castrol96

    United Kingdom Southampton, UK




    The past 3 luxury series never came as convertibles, although I prefer the design as a convertible.
  29. SPhilli911

    United States Connecticut, USA

    What's worse, the terrible styling of modern Ferraris or the names they chose to give the cars?
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