Fixing my Logitech G29 (no vibration)

So the other day I decided to go get my G29 from the basement where it has been sleeping for 3 months.

For some reason I forgot that the wheel only calibrates after the USB is connected to the PS4/PC and I only plugged the power in.

I got worried and decided to open it up. Saw nothing wrong with it and I closed it again. This time I connected the USB and it was calibrating fine.

Everything was perfectly splendid until I realized while driving I wasn't feeling anything besides the force feedback and it felt kinda lame. No vibration.

So after picking it up again I noticed there was a piece inside that was loose. I opened it once again and I found this metal piece tumbling around.


I searched everywhere and I couldn't find a place where that belongs to. I saw many videos on YouTube to try and find it in their G29s but failed.

Does anyone happen to remember where this thing goes?
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