Following up on my thread on poles/wins: How do we fix trophies/achievements in the GT series?

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We have two groups: trophies, and in-game achievements. I had ideas for both.

For trophies, I don't think there should be any online trophies at all, if only to prevent players from getting platinum after the game's online services are shut down, if they are done so in the far future. (Or if players simply don't wanna or cannot go online - not that this is as common these days, but I think they ought to be still considered just in case.) However, that doesn't mean the actual achievements can't be genuinely admirable feats of skill - just look at a lot of WipEout HD's trophies, like "Beat Zico". For example, I'd add more trophies relating to time trials, like maybe records set by GT Academy winners or Lewis Hamilton, and you'd have to clear that time using a car with similar specs (e.g. without being tuned). And of course, I'd keep the cute hidden trophies relating to easter eggs and whatnot, as well.

As for actual online stuff, I'd actually keep that all in the in-game achievements. And speaking of which, I'd allow it so that other people viewing your profile can see the total metric you have for an achievement even after you've fulfilled the level 3 criteria. So if you've played over 100 hours, people could see the specific number you've played, rather than just see you've played at least 100 hours without any more specification. I also would change the achievement for consecutive clean races to total clean races, but as a trade, have each level requirement be roughly doubled, with level 3 being 50 total clean races - i.e. each level being half of those for total races finished. I also would drastically lower the level 3 achievements for liked photos/liveries and taken photos down to 300, as well as allow likes given through the app or online count towards the achievement(s).

EDIT: I had some ideas for trophies in a future game that would replace the trophies for poles/wins:

-Beating a time set by a famous driver, perhaps years ago on a historic track with a historic car. For example, using the Gran Turismo T1500T-A @ Interlagos and beating Senna's time there, or using a Nissan GT-R GT3 on Nurburgring and setting the time set by Kazunori Yamauchi, or by one of the GT Academy winners.

-In lieu of both a trophy for wins and poles, there could be a single trophy for reaching DR A, which is no small feat unto itself. Though I think it'd be slightly more manageable than having a trophy for wins/poles.

-Total DR points amassed through all positive gains in DR. They could make this score viewable for players in a future game, instead of gauging a generalized meter on their profile page.
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