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Guess the Pole Time is a game in which users make predictions on the laptime in which the official pole position the is for each round of the Formula 1 season. The closest person to each time is the winner!

  • Each user may submit one prediction per round. Each prediction MUST be in the following format: M:SS.sss.​
  • You will need to choose what you think the weather conditions will be before making your prediction, as a wet track is slower than a dry one. This decision is all yours and you do not need to specify it. You must still submit only one entry, so you cannot submit a dry and a wet time. Choose.​
  • Your prediction must be submitted before the beginning of Free Practice 1 on all weekends.​
  • You must not edit the post with your final predicted time. If you wish to change your number, please write a whole new post. If you have written something else in the post you need to change, please remove the time from the post if you are editing it, or use the Report button to get a mod to delete the post. If your post with a time is edited, I will assume you changed it after the conclusion of qualifying and thus not count it.​
  • Pole position will be determined as the driver who starts in 1st place on the grid in the first race after Qualifying (The Grand Prix on non-Sprint weekends and the Sprint Race for Sprint weekends). Penalties applied to the fastest car in qualifying make them not on Pole, and in the event of the Pole car DNSing, their time still counts. For the avoidance of doubt, Pole Position times will be determined by the results as determined on the StatsF1 website:
  • You do not need to predict the driver who was on pole for points, but you may do it for pride or creating conversation in the thread.​
Points will be awarded based on how close you are to the correct time. Each round entered, you will be awarded 10,000 points, minus 1 for every thousandth of a second away from the actual time. If you are more than 10 seconds away, you will be given a score of 0.
Every user who misses a round, or joins late, will be given a score of -100 per round missed to give users who play all season a slight advantage over those who don't, without penalising missed rounds so much that late arrivals can't still have a chance. This is done so a user who predicts more than 10 seconds out all the time gets an advantage over someone who hasn't played the game.

Have fun, and let's get going!​
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Predictions are open!
Bahrain 1:31:356

I looked through testing times from last to give an idea of speed difference and somehow Max's best testing time last year was faster than his pole lap. So much for hiding pace...
Times must be submitted before the start of FP1, you have just over 3 hours to get a time submitted to take part in this first race
pole position is 1:30.558

I think blitz24 might have won this one, i think i slid into second
I just threw out a random number on this so do not look to me as a savant (maybe an idiot or an idiot savant).
I just threw out a random number on this so do not look to me as a savant (maybe an idiot or an idiot savant).

I didi the same haha. I just needed an 8 in there somewhere since thats my favorite number. Close enough.

Maybe we're both idiots savants!

Congratulations to @Blitz24 for being only 11 thousands of a second away from the actual time!

Saudi Arabia predictions will not open until the Saudi GP thread has been posted - I'm going to make that a thing for this championship that I don't open predictions until the race thread is also posted.

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Predictions are open!

Congratulations to @SlowGrayAudi for begin 0.288s away from Sergio Perez's pole time.

Until next time in Australia, where we have a brand new circuit layout for the first time this season, removing many reference times and potentially making larger gaps than we have seen so far.