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Awesome. Only played the gimped 360 version (with the airfield, gold course, and other locations blocked off, no drivatars, no weather) so I'll try it out.
Ouch that sounds nasty, for sure get the X One version then. :)

I think For Honor & Dead Space 3 are nice as well to give a try with the August games for gold. I got Dead Space 1 & 2 already on my X1X as well as backward compatibility and I don’t think I payed for them, must have been from Xbox Gold as well.
Great game so far. Played the demo once on the 360 when I haven't bought the One yet. Never bothered because it would be better on the One I would think. Also the gifted money at almost 4 million sure helps starting out.

As for the map and the short time I had makes me wonder what the heck happened to FH3. Seems like a much better map. Didn't realize how FH3 is so flat and bland. I do like how they try to stick with the drugged out characters party theme and some doosh bag that talks to you. Makes you feel more involved. In FH3 there is no human interaction besides that annoying Anna.

The negatives is no RB kits and the rally suspension trick didn't drop the car more. Hate the high ride height.

There is more to discover. I strongly suggest to DL it since it is free for those that have not played it yet.
I have been back to FH2 again this past week or so. I love all the Horizon games and I would have said FH3 was my favourite by far!... but I have had so much fun with the driving and the maps as you say @Mazyata I am not sure now as this equals the fun, i forgot how good it was.

I managed to see Storm Island in the Sunshine at last! :D ...For a few minutes... before the rain came back, and then i drove around the map and the off roads, hills, it was great. I spent ages just driving around. Then i headed back to the main land and the big hilltop old towns, and the views are still great driving around the coasts and then inland.

I also really like the narrator and all the cool road trips in FH2, where you follow all the other cars at your own pace to see the views for 12KM etc before you thrash it out with them in the Championship. It's a shame these were missing from FH3 (unless I missed them?!)

I have a feeling FH4 will be awesome.;)
I agree. If they want to do the whole festival scene you want to feel involved of course. FH3 is not like this. If so where would you road trip to anyways? There isn't much in FH3. Don't get me wrong I love the game. You do a lot of races and pretty up the carnival. That is it. FH2 is a beautiful game.

No doubt FH4 will be great. There is no way they can make it like FH3. The only way is up.
Have been playing it for the past few days. A great game, but feels weaker than both Horizon 1 and 3. The map can feel too samey at times, and the cookie-cutter progession doesn't help much, either.

And also don't force me to do off-road races in supercars. I get that off-roading was the big addition to horizon with this game, but to force an offroad event onto every single championship is stupid.


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I went back and played this for the first time in about a year and a half. It took forever for the game to get synched up, but it was worth it. There was an achievement I wanted to get, "We Meet Again!". To get it, you have to win a showdown race at every Car Meet. I was missing one, but I didn't know which one. I used my ace in the hole, my D500 Lancia Fulvia. I get a massive head start over higher powered cars, it's quick, lightweight and handles like on rails. The only problem was waiting for live players to enter the car meet. Not a lot of people still playing the game. Other than myself, the car meets were full of drivatars. I had to wait as much as 30 minutes before I would see a live player finally enter the car meet. Fortunately I had a big stack of unread comic books to keep me entertained while waiting.

My Lancia won easily in Castelletto, Nice and Sisteron, but I ran into trouble at Saint-Martin. It's not a regular race, it's a drag race at the airfield. My Lancia didn't have a chance. So I switched to my S2/998 Hennessey Venom. Then I waited. And waited, and waited. Finally, someone in an S2/998 Audi RS2 wagon finally showed up. He was fast off the line and pulled out a big lead. I honestly thought I was going to lose because of all my wheelspin at launch. But then the Hennessey finally showed what it could do with a 250 mph top speed. I won by half a second and finally got the achievement.

And you know what? This game still looks gorgeous, even six+ years later.
Started playing this for the first time a few days ago, and I just might be starry-eyed because of how new it is to me right now, but thus far I've really been enjoying myself. The only other Horizon I've played is FH4, and there's quite a bit different from that, both good and bad.

  • Day cycle feels too short, and nighttime just flies by.
  • No option to flip shapes horizontally or vertically in the livery editor.
  • There's just a tad too many steps to be taken when wishing to change your vehicle category during championships.
  • Likewise you can only change your vehicle at horizon festival sites.
  • For whatever reason, the current selection of community livery groups are awful, just loads of toddler-level decals. I figured these are just the dev-made presets considering I can't access the servers, but the boatload of penis decals throws me off.
  • The drivatars have more personality than FH4, but at the same time they drive like absolute mental cases both in races and the open world. I'll be going down the freeway at 200mph, when a 458 suddenly decides to pull left into the field for no reason and send us both flying. And in races, the ai will actively seek to push me off the road.
  • No blueprint feature (obviously) and no way to extend races beyond 3 laps. What's more, with the way championships work, I can't do certain races I enjoyed in a certain order without completing all other races in their championships first, some of which take the cars offroad when I really don't want them to.

  • In the livery editor, there's an option to copy all layers from one side of the car to the other, unlike FH4 where you only copy selected layers. Its more efficient if you want to mirror an entire side to the other, but if you only want certain shapes copied over, you're out of luck.
  • Certain objects that I figure would be destructible aren't. Smashed to a dead stop against powerlines more times than I'd like to admit, thinking they'd just act like road signs. But that's mostly from games like FH4 and The crew 2 conditioning me to think like that.
  • The festival garage is better than the blank white room in FH4, but at the same time there's no option to properly pan around the vehicle when purchasing a car. If you want to see how it looks from an angle, you have to wait for the action cam to loop around.
  • The DLC is no longer available. Its not a sin against the game, but its not fun seeing the ai using them all over the place like bait on a hook. I'd kill for a few codes to fix that. Don't even care about Storm Island or F&F, I just want the Porsches and car pass. But at the very least, my version came with the 10 year anniversary pack, which gets me the DBS and RS7.

  • In contrast to the community decals, the full car liveries are all great by what I've seen. A lot of interesting geometric racing liveries and virtually no waifu cars, joke designs, gold chrome, or ugly cartoon character wraps whatsoever.
  • Air physics seem superior from the sequel, the cars want to roll more naturally.
  • Though not in the running for any awards, the sounds are a big relief.
  • Despite being absolute morons, the drivatars are pretty believable in the open world. Already I've witnessed a pair of Miatas drag racing each other on their own, along with various cars casually cruising around. Which makes them leagues better than the actual Forza community, who only stick to certain areas of FH4's map like glue.
  • What's more, unlike FH4 where drivatars only drive the same division of vehicle as you in the open world (ie: Retro Supercars), in FH2 they'll drive anything in the game regardless of what you're riding in. Its so much better, and enables me to have proper sleeper vs supercar races.
  • The close chase camera is leagues better than FH4. Close means CLOSE. The far camera in FH2 is the same as the "close" camera in FH4.
  • There's much more of a festival atmosphere. All the smaller festivals ensure you can always see air balloons in the day or fireworks at night, and the road trips make the campaign all the more engaging. FH4 just feels like a general racing game in Britain, FH2 actually makes me feel like a competitor and a tourist.
  • The music is good. Hospital Records is actually not terrible, and Horizon Pulse and Bass Arena have some genuinely good tracks.
  • The car list. Despite containing just over 200 cars, the list is more refined than FH4. There are very few joke cars, no hot wheels, no fluff like Formula Drift or Hoonigan, and no Lego. Its a very proper and focused roster that prioritizes the production cars you'd want to drive. Of course there are some I'd like to see that just aren't there (C5 corvette), but what is there, I can't complain about.
  • The map is the BIGGEST pro for this game. Every road, every view, every little back alley or empty lot feels intentional. The scenery is beautiful, there is so much more elevation and technical routes than FH4, making for more enjoyable races. The map feels like a proper world opposed to a large playground, I think its one of my favourites in any racing game I've played. For FH5, its critical that Playground look at what they did right in FH2, and wrong in FH3/FH4. Because there is not one area thus far that I try to avoid, not one area that makes me groan whenever I have to drive through it. Unlike FH4, where a significant area of the map is space that I actively try to avoid. The windfarms, Ambleside, Ashbrook, and the fields surrounding the festival are just so unbelievably stale.
Does anyone know if you can re download previously purchased DLC for this at the present time even though the game has been delisted? Tempted to drop back in and get another copy of the game as it’s relatively cheap.


Does anyone know if you can re download previously purchased DLC for this at the present time even though the game has been delisted? Tempted to drop back in and get another copy of the game as it’s relatively cheap.
i think u can if u already own the games dlc
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Czech Republic
What do you think about FPS boost for older Horizons? I thought it's a sure thing before but currently I am not sure because maybe nobody cares about EOL games. It's a bit sad because Horizon 2 is still great game but I can't play it in 30 FPS.