Forza Horizon 3 - Who's going to fill the gap on PS4?PS4 

So with the announcement of FH3 - there's become a clear gap in the gaming world for an open world racer for PS4, is this already covered by "The Crew" (I don't think so) or is there a studio beavering away at a new killer app...

Or indeed, is MS going to put game ahead of console and release it on PS4 (haha!) - imagine the racking in of cash they'd get for that...

My hopes are that the Codemasters/Evo Studios setup delivers something awesome in this space, certainly they have the smarts to do so, not even worried about console exclusive - in fact cross console online gaming would be great.

Anyone have any insights or thoughts?
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My prediction for a new Evo/Codies game would be a re-imagined Fuel with MotorStorm bits, so it could be a good competitor for Horizon if it is true, which I strongly doubt it is.
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United Kingdom
Certainly no first-party studio, nothing show on the genre at all in their E3 briefing. Codies and their next game seems your only bet, alongside GT Sport obviously. But you'll also be able to play the Codies game on Xbone, obviously.