Forza Horizon 4 Season Change: A Sprinkling of Winter Delight


This is where the casuals hang out, right?
United Kingdom
West Drayton
I tried out the Lego Mini Cooper in this week's Snowball Fighter Rally Monsters cross country event in Edinburgh only to find that its ride height is so low it gets stuck on the raised plates in the road. Everything isn't awesome.

Oh well, back to the RS200 Evolution.
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Tip for car collectors. The AMG that you win for the AWD event was good for me. I haven't seen it in any prior events this year and it was the only car I didnt have from the backstage passes, so I saved myself from using a pass to get that car 👍

I now have 23 cars left to get, although some are 10m autoshow cars which I can buy anytime when I have sufficient credits, and then there are the preorder cars which are unobtainable 😥

Also, @ @TheAdmiester I'm fed up with seeing your number of 523 cars on the Horizon promo 😂. I'm over 500 now and will soon have passed you... at last. 😂. Surprised you're not at 752 though.