Forza Horizon 4 Series 30 Now Available, With Six New Cars and Super7


The queen of Inazuma has arrived at last!
Dundee, Scotland
So making 'progress' as reached Spring now and almost on the verge of reaching summer again which I presume will then open up the Season 30 playlist for me and chance to win the prizes concerned (X1/9 etc)?

Thanks to a little tip I read about Super 7 and gaining quick reputation points it's progressing nicely and thanks @PJTierney for your creation with the Hot Wheels Car/Jump Distance, helped me level up a lot yesterday! :cheers:

I am on Tier 6 at the moment so not too much longer until I get to the TR7 so am going to try and reach the max tier on this tonight after work.

Really starting to settle into the game and I think I will be participating in future seasons as they run for a month normally I take it?
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