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widebody yaris

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GR Yaris is just the coolest.
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BTW one of the devs mentioned Koenigsegg Gemera when talking about the 3-cyclinder engine. Maybe there is a chance we can see that Koenigsegg in the game sometime in the future.
Ironically I think the Gemera is just behind the Yaris now in voting, so that's going to inherit its place in the Suggestions Hub after this is over.
I'm very excited for this series because of the cars. I've been waiting ages for that Yaris, I can't wait to take it off road. The Kia EV 6 should be fun, it's a very fast EV in real life.

However, I'm most excited for the car pack. Yes it's 3 versions of 1 car, but the cars are unique to each film and I bloody love the BTTF films. All we need now is an Einstein dog emote, or Marty's 1985 outfit in game.

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