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Countach 03.jpg

IMO no car goes hand-in-hand with racing videogames like the Countach, past and present.
Aaaw, poor Enderman is soggy :guilty:
Forza Horizon 5 2024-06-01 21_21_09.png

New wallpaper anyone?

Forza Horizon 5 2024-06-02 00_11_26.png

Can't wait for part 2 bud 👍
Wasn't planned, but due to your enthusiasm, I figured I'd give it a go. Enjoy :)
Part two of the Enderman story
The sun rises, and its drizzling. The Enderman watches the rain go down while holding his "comfort food", when suddenly his stomach growls – he needs food to survive, as well as water, which confuses a Enderman who in his previous life disliked water. He takes a quick look around the temple but is unable to find either in the temple, so he goes in the car and drives off.
Forza Horizon 5 2024-06-02 00_18_55.png

Eventually, he stumbles across something reading out ”Horizon Apex”. The human quickly infodumps the Enderman about a ”Horizon festival” with numerous ”outposts” filled to the brim with cars, music and humans. Oh, and they might have food stands. The latter makes the Enderman drive in to check.
Forza Horizon 5 2024-06-02 00_28_27.png

...and sure enough, there is food. As its still raining, and the Enderman still believes himself to be vulnerable to rain, he initally decides to wait in the car for a bit. It does however not take long for the stomach to loudly remind him of his human physiology, and the wait soon becomes a tortureous experience, not helped by a rain that refuses to let up. Eventually, the Enderman gives up and runs outside, finding out in the process that the rain poses no threat to him.
Forza Horizon 5 2024-06-02 00_31_37.png

After having his fill of… enjoyable (?) food and drink, he leaves the ”Horizon Apex outpost”, wishing to be left alone. At this point, the rain stops – typical! Another car (a ”BMW”) rolls up alongside him, wanting to race the Enderman. Not entirely sure of the purpose of this ”race”, but still in a good mood from all the food, he decides to play along…
Forza Horizon 5 2024-06-02 01_11_37.png

...and gets promptly defeated by the BMW and its superior speed. The Enderman quickly figures that not all cars are made equal, and that some are simply faster than others. As such, he merely shrugs his shoulders and lets the BMW disappear into the distance.
Forza Horizon 5 2024-06-02 01_12_20.png

Not long after, the Enderman stumbles across a house, which the human happens to own. As the clouds recede allowing the sun to shine brightly it, he has a thought: If he isn't vulnerable to water anymore, does that mean the sun isn't a torture machine anymore either? The Enderman decides to experiment by parking the car next to the house, and stepping outside. As it turns out, it isn't too bad, even if he isn't quite used to it. He looks at the beach in front of the house. What to do next?
Forza Horizon 5 2024-06-02 01_15_36.png
A sequel to my "Coco the Catporeon'' pictures from last time. He's out at night 'cause it's fresh! :lol:

Graphics are mostly at Very Low, Low and Medium except for the car which is at Ultra.

I added the "Aqua Meow" decal set as well and I went for more vividly colored rims.

When I'm playing on my laptop I'd rather have the graphics look like retro to avoid overheat issues.
A stroll in the fields at night, Pt.1.png
A stroll in the fields at night, Pt.2.png
Just playing with Japanese cars all day


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