Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Hunting High and Low

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I noticed last week the inclusion of a "table of contents" at the beginning of the article and I'm glad you're continuing with it - quite helpful.
It's a little experiment to see if people like it; for me it's a little extra visual clutter but I figured it would be more useful, and all comments so far have been positive so I may well keep it :D

I'll be curious to see how the final Daily Challenge works this week given that there's no "Dustman" skill in the game (as noted, I'm assuming it'll be the Basurero skill), but it's just the latest in a long line of recent terribly proof-read items that have made it through to the public release. I've offered my subbing services to PG - as a working subeditor, car expert, and apparently now an FH expert - under NDA, but... crickets.

My VW Typ 2 tune does all the PR Stunts with ease - though you have to watch out for the wiggle as you cut offroad ahead of Cannonball: 173 483 167

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