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  1. DDMv2


    Allright im bored and I want to share a couple online battles ive had on Forza:dopey:

    The 1st one:

    The track is the Nurburgring Nordsheif. My car is a 93 civic hb with a K20a on boost. The car is fully done up. Slicks , roll cage , carbon fibre hood, etc.

    So what we usually do on the nurb when we dont want to go around the whole track, we just line the cars up on the straight. I was the only CIVIC there and there were a couple supras , mustangs , 240sx's and corvettes. Im first up and I have to run the Supra. I first do my burnout to warm up the tires and leave a 20ft skid mark. On the line the guy in the supra was trash talking to me. He said "ahahah your car cant even do a proper burnout" "ill eat you alive" and comments like that. So as we launch off the line he puts maybe 10 lengths off the acceleration on me. I didnt give up tho. So as im shifting from 1st to 2nd I gain 2 cars back on him, 3-4th im 2 cars behind him, 4-5th im right beside him and just FLY pass him at 140mph. I then put about 10-15 cars on him till I get to the finish line. All he said was "wtf!?!?!!?"

    So now onto my second kill.
    Corvete C5 Z06. He said he had the supercharger done and almost everything. So we line it up and he gets about 15 cars off the launch. I honestly thought I was done because he flew off the line. So now im shifiting from 4-5th and im gaining on him. 150mph im about 5 cars behind. I hit 175mph and im right beside his rear bumper. My car at this point is pulling as hard as it could. I slowly fly pass him on the uphill part of the straight and pass him at around 180mph and topped out at 198mph. He didnt see it coming. I didnt think I could beat a Corvette that was supercharged, but I guess I proved myself wrong...:sly:

    Now my Last kill... well not really a "kill" but more of an accomplishment for me...

    My car was now a All Motor Civic with the K20A swap. Making about 415hp at the crank I was the underdog AGAIN.

    The other cars where:
    1. H22A Turbo Civic coupe (si)
    2. Ferrari Enzo!:drool:

    Im not sure if the Enzo was modified and the guy that was driving it didnt have a mic so we coudnt communicate with him.

    Now the track was the Nurburgring Nordshief again. But this time we went around the whole track.

    Me and the other civic start off infront and the enzo in the back. So im infront in my k20 hatch and im racing the best lines I could. The H22 Civic coupe was right on my bumper throught most of the first half of the track. So as where racing the enzo is fighting side by side with the civic coupe. The civic coupe was burning out of almost every turn and you can hear the turbo spooling like crazy. Eventually the guy in the coupe couldnt take the pressure of battling it out with the enzo and spinded out in the high speed section of the ring. Now the enzo is coming after me in my civic. I thought that he would just smoke me on the turns, but I was actually going faster than him through the turns!:sly: It was one hell of a battle on the nordsheif, going back and forth with the enzo in my civic was truely amazing. So as we are going into a turn I go in a little to fast!:crazy: I then hesitate and lock up my 4 wheels!:tdown: Now I know im done. I smash into the guard rail and my front end is toast. I was proud of myself even tho I did end up crashing under the pressure. It was my hardest race I ever ran and was my greatest accomplishment. Now I know I can hang with Enzo around the track:tup: :)

    so you guys have any kill stories of your online battles? Share em here!:tup: :)
  2. MidnightRiot


    Only kill story worth mentioning is when I murdered 3 Ferrari 355 GT and a Skyline with a Hennessy Viper in a drag race on Nordschleife..
  3. DDMv2


    ^ I love beating ferraris:)

    does anyone still race on the nurb for the drag races? My xbox is broken so I havent played in a while...
  4. Thatman


    Yeah, I was on a system link with two other people and I had the AE86 mad to most like the one from ID which come out to be a B1, and one of them had a fully modified talon, the other a stock Ford GT and we were all on the Fujimi Kaido downhill. I beat them both by drifting, too bad they weren't better though.
  5. Ev0 4 drifter

    Ev0 4 drifter

    i can't go online but me and my friends drag the nurb, i had a fully modded evo 8 gsr (tokyo drift stle) and my friend had a fully modded 69 camaro, with the corvette engine, i smoked him off the line (not surprising really, i had 4wd) but he came after me, i got to 150 mph, i looked down at his half of the screen, he's pulling 180mph. i look back in my mirror, and block him. as i'm approaching 175mph i realise the car's topping out, as we reach the corner at the end, he clips my back end, BUT 4wd saves me and HE ends up spinning instead :lol: . that felt really good:D
  6. SkylineObsession

    SkylineObsession Premium

    New Zealand
    I wish we could afford to go online with the Xbox, those drag races on the 'Ring sound like heaps of fun. :(
  7. Master_Yoda

    Master_Yoda (Banned)

    I wish i had extra money to pay for Xbox live. I wanna see how well my CRX will do. I love those cars, I grew on Honda's so I love all Hondas. But I forget what engine i have in it, but it hits like 198mph. Which is pretty damn awsome :) I think i did somthing like 7:35 on the ring i can't remember though, since my Xbox is at my friends house.