Forza Motorsport 7 Specialty Dealer: The Return of the M4, Focus RS, and Zonda Cinque

I wonder if we will ever see some new spec dealer cars. They might as well add some previous bounty hunter / leagues / forzathon cars to spice things up a bit.
Maybe... just maybe... you should stop doing Speciality Dealer news. Its no news at all.

Reverse psychology-the week they stop doing Specialty Dealer News is the week we get four new cars never seen before. :lol:

If it was a REAL Dealership, I'd drive by and throw eggs at it!!!

I'd sit there and gaze longingly at the Zonda knowing that unless I got into crime or won the lottery I'd never be able to own it :(
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United Kingdom
Fortunately I feel like these just always disappoint me, there really hasnt been much on these lists which has interested me.
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Long story short. I purged my garage of all Fords due to Ford US's recent batch of stupidity.
Needless to say, I soon regretted getting rid of all of the Fords I had in game. So I am sort of happy that the Specialty Dealer is on repeat. Earlier today I grabbed the RS and the Cinque.