Forza Motorsport leaderboard challenges and your results

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    This game is absolutely awesome!! I love the feature of racing people online without even racing them and ALL your lap times and stats are saved on a scorecard for everyone to view.

    I am currently in 2nd place out of hundreds of people in the Class D Thunderbolt autocross event. I am sure I will get beat but so far I am happy with 2nd place.
    This is such a great feature for a race car game!! We dont even need to post our times or the car we use...It is all saved online already!!!
    Every track, autocross or anything you do can be competed against by other people and you dont even have to know about it. X-box live automatically updates it for you and posts your best time AND even allows people to load your car setting. Just absolutely awesome!!!
    So heres my first little challenge.

    Thunderbolt autocross event
    Class D 2nd place
    Class C 3rd place
    Class B 2nd place
    Class A 2nd place
    Class S 3rd place
    Class R 3rd place