FRIDAY Racing Poll

What do you prefer for next season's Friday schedule?

  • Gr1/Gr3 - WEC

    Votes: 13 72.2%
  • Gr2/Gr4 - SuperGT

    Votes: 5 27.8%

  • Total voters
United States
Richmond, Va
With the current season of SuperGT coming to a close, we have an opportunity to make some changes for next season. But, we need your help!

Please respond to the poll above with your preferred selection. While details are minimal at the moment, here's a quick breakdown.

Gr1/Gr3 - This would be a WEC (World Endurance Championship) based schedule. Prototypes and gt3s at Monza, Spa, Fuji, LeMans and a few extra goodies.

Gr2/Gr4 - SuperGT. Japanese based schedule. You know and love the rest already!

The remainder of the series details would be similar to current SuperGT rules, however subject to change by BoD (like all ARL series).

If you run SuperGT currently, or are interested, please make your selection above and as always... see you on track!!