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First off Hello, new here. I play as ccsweettart, which is actually my wife's nickname and its her Playstation account, I just play my game on it. I just started playing the online races maybe a month ago if not less, it's fun but getting frustrating. I practice the race in arcade time trial mode using the exact settings as the online race. I then run the same race in arcade mode, I start with beginner then move to intermittent then to professional modes using the exact online race settings. When I think I have a good feel for the track I'll run the qualifying for the race, and I do great in all those previous runs. It's when the actual race happens that I start making stupid mistakes and a lot of them, it's frustrating to say the least. Watching my DR go up and down like a yo-yo is maddening and makes it even more frustrating.
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Welcome to GTP, arcade mode has a different track grip level to sport mode. It is actually increased, so when you race online you will be racing with less grip even with the exact same settings.
Best way to practice is to setup or join a lobby with the same settings. If you setup your own lobby, ensure that “track grip reduction” is set to “real”. This is the sport mode setting.

For me the best practice is to do half an hour to an hour of “qualifying” and then just jump into races.

There is also a daily race thread for tips discussion etc :

I wouldn’t worry about your DR at all, it will go up and down as you learn all the cars and circuits etc. Just focus on keeping your SR at 99 to maintain entry to the cleanest lobbies and enjoy your racing 👍.